Which Trick Or Treat Candies Are Safe For Babies Under 2?

When baby's second Halloween rolls around, they are old enough to dress up and walk with older siblings, or alone if they are the first/only child. Many parents are excited to take them around for the first (or second) time, but which of the candies are safe for a toddler under 2 to eat and which need to contribute to the mommy tax?

A Few Safe Halloween Treats

By this age, they are old enough to have had enough food introduced that allergies are known. They are old enough to eat honey and have likely been given small amounts of milk, so chocolate should be okay in very small amounts and as long as nothing new is introduced. Some safe chocolate candies are Hershey's milk or dark chocolate (broken up into pieces), 3 Musketeers (melts in your mouth- just make sure you cut it up), Reese cups cut into pieces, peppermint patties, any other nutless, and melt-in-your-mouth chocolate.


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Foods to Avoid

Small candies and anything that doesn't easily melt in the mouth can be a choking hazard. If it's small and round, like the candy part of a sucker, it can easily be choked on.

Sticky candies can also pose a choking hazard and get stuck in the back of the throat.

The sticks on suckers need special consideration. When toddlers are learning to walk, they can fall and the sucker can jam back in the back of their throat, and if the candy comes off the stick, it can also pose a choking risk.

Chocolate candies with nuts or any other candies with nuts are to avoid. Nuts are one of the major allergens that need to be carefully introduced, plus they post choking hazards. Whole nuts can also go "down the wrong pipe" and expand, causing young children to asphyxiate and can turn deadly.

Pretzels can be choking hazards as well and can be damaging to baby's gums, same goes with chips but chips are a little safer. Chips are less likely to cause choking but can cut young gums. They are safer in general but sharp edges can still be a problem. If your child is closer to 2, it should be safer.

Some kids develop earlier than others and are able to safely eat some foods and of course, candy shouldn't be a huge part of the diet but on Trick or Treat night you can't help but want to take baby out to show off the costume. Of course, consult your doctor to find out which candies might be safe for your little one, and if you have any hesitation, don't feed it at all!


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