Samantha Markle Is Said To Be Getting A $100,000 Payout Thanks To The Royal Baby

Sources report that Samantha Markle is rumored to be receiving upwards of $100 000 with the upcoming birth of the next royal baby. The media and internet have been sighing in disbelief that this could truly be the case given Samantha Markle's past actions and attitudes towards the Duchess. In leaking family information to the tabloids and offering exclusives on the royal family, it's clear to everyone that Samantha has two goals: embarrassing the royals and making a pretty penny off of it while she's at it.

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The royals themselves have yet to comment publicly on Samantha Markle's actions but in an interview with The Sunday Times, Meghan Markle's security team has apparently alerted Scotland Yard that Samantha may pose a serious risk in terms of the safety and well-being of the royal family. In spite of all of that, however, Samantha Markle shows no sign of ceasing this behaviour any time soon.

How is it that she's making $100 000 off this one aspect of the Duke and Duchess' life, you ask? According to cosmopolitan.com, it is "a combination of TV documentaries, chat show interviews, a book deal, and interviews that she charges £2,000 an hour for". Given that the media are willing to pay her so much money, it's no wonder she can't seem to bite her tongue about the family secrets.

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It isn't hard to see that Samantha Markle is fame and money hungry in terms of getting her name out there for the media to share. Perhaps this shameful behaviour stems from jealousy given Meghan's major leap in social status as compared to hers, or perhaps the two have been at odds since long before the Markles were on media's radar. In comparing the two, Samantha has shown no mercy when it comes to hurling insults and rumours about the Duchess.

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What still continues to be a mystery is Meghan's take on all of this. Of course, we can all assume that she isn't too happy about the besmirching, but she has yet to make a public statement about the ongoing feud and many doubt she will do so. The Duchess has presented herself as nothing more than the sophisticated, high-class woman that she is, further showing the public and the other royals that she is fit to bear her title and the stresses that come along with it.

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