Sandra Bullock Is Giving Her Kids Three Small Gifts For Christmas, Here's Why

With the stress of the holiday season fully underway, it’s totally understandable if you need to take a moment to breathe. Whether you’ve been frantically looking for last minute gift ideas, or simply trying to finish those last round of Christmas cards—we get it, things are busy. Hopefully, some of the stress will have lifted, given that the big day is here! When it comes to gift-giving, everyone has their own style. Some families prefer to keep things simple, by only giving a few gifts to family members and friends. However, we all know that there are others that prefer to take things to the next level, going all-out with gifts and full-on celebrations. Holiday shopping can be fun and exhilarating at times, but sometimes, we all need a reminder to reflect on the reason for the season. Celebrated actress Sandra Bullock has decided to chime in on a similar theme, and she has shared with others that she intends on giving her kids three small gifts for Christmas this year.

According to Today, Sandra Bullock wants to keep things simple and has decided to switch things up this year. Most of the time, Christmas is almost an over-the-top celebration, and Sandra has expressed that the holiday can even cause her anxiety. In her own words, the actress has said that Christmas is, “...really, really overdone because I overdo it, and then I panic that I didn’t do enough, and then I get more, and then everyone else has overdone it. But this year we just stopped… because there’s so much happening in the world where people don’t have anything. And we said, ‘Why don’t we just make this about other people?’ And they were amazing about it.”

In other interviews, Sandra Bullock has shared her family's fun Christmas traditions. One example is when Bullock has reportedly dressed up as Santa, just so her children can have an exclusive Santa-spotting in the middle of the night. Props to you, Sandra, we love your imagination and festive spirit. Bullock has also mentioned that her son has grown suspicious of the tradition, so she intends on passing on routine to her brother-in-law, instead. This year, the actress starred as Debbie Ocean in the female-led version film, Ocean's Eight. Most recently, Sandra has starred as the character Malorie, in the sci-fi themed drama, Bird Box.

What do you think of Bullock's gifting idea? Would you consider implementing something similar with your own little ones? Have you already? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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