Say Goodbye To Sandy Feet With This Parenting Hack

A visit to the beach usually means three things: sun, sea, and sand. Lots and lots of sand. While there's nothing more exciting than letting your kids run free while you sit back and watch, there's always one downside. Getting them dried off and ready to head home can be a nightmare, with sticky sand layering up in between little fingers and toes...that is, if you haven't heard of this parenting hack. Be prepared, this is life-changing advice that will blow your mind - or at least help you drive home without feeling that horrible grit in your shoes.

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The secret? Talcum powder. Pure and simple. Liberally apply the magical substance to wet sandy skin and give it a good rub with a towel. In mere seconds the skin is left sand free, soft and ready to pile into the car for the journey home. You can usually pick up some talc for less than a dollar, so it's worth stocking up and keeping some in your beach bag to bust out when the day is over. If the idea of the big clean-up puts you off going to the beach entirely, then this is the parenting hack for you.

What's more, a little bird told us that using lavender scented talc will help wind down your kids from the excitement of the day. The fragrant herb has been used for centuries as a natural relaxant and is often mixed into baby products to help little ones sleep. No uncomfortable sandy appendages and sleepy kids - we told you this advice was worth having.

Using the powder is especially good for little ones around the crawling stage, as sand often creeps into nappies. When baby wipes just don't do the trick, talc can save the day by stopping that nasty rubbing before it starts.

We love this hack so much. In fact, we tried and tested it on our last beach trip with the kiddos, and it worked like a dream!

Do you have any go-to parenting hacks that have helped you make day trips easier? Let us know in the comments!


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