Father Arrested After Slapping Baby Because She Wouldn't Walk


A Saudi father was shown in a video getting frustrated with his child because she couldn't walk and so he was shown hitting her. The Riyadh police were notified of the abuse and the father of four children was arrested.

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When your children hit milestones it is an exciting time. You cheer them on as they learn how to sit up, crawl, grab objects and walk. However, some parents may start to get a little worried or even frustrated if their child doesn't hit a milestone as quickly as they would like them to, but parents just have to be patient because every child is different and will develop at different paces. Most parents will just sit back and let their child take their time learning the new skill. One Saudi Father didn't want to wait for his daughter to learn on her own and was going to try to force her to learn to walk. He was caught on video slapping his daughter because she wasn't walking as soon as he would have hoped.

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In the video, the father is shown trying to get the little toddler to stand on her feet. She was struggling to stand and the dad was noticeably frustrated. Every time that the little girl didn't stand on her own he would smack her across the head. He was shown hitting her a few times. He was trying to straighten out her legs and every time she didn't he would hit her across the head. At one point he was grabbing the little girl by her shirt near her neck and she was crying through the whole video. The police saw the video and arrested the father.

Alqutai, the father, responded by saying that the video was taken a long time ago and asked for forgiveness for the abuse. He even went on to social media and sent out an apology video featuring the little girl. He wanted to show everybody that the little girl was fine. He said that he was trying to teach her how to walk and then says, "now look by the grace of God she walks by herself." He then went on to explain that he had suffered psychological damage from his wife and that is why he abused his daughter. Alquiti has four children with his wife. Many people who had seen the video were seeking for justice and we hoping that the children would be taken away from the father. The father still has custody of all his children.

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