15 Of The Craziest Things Said To Expectant Women

Some people have no filter. They will say whatever is on their mind. And people like this will say what they are thinking without even realizing the impact it could have on the person that the comment is directed towards. For pregnant women, it can be difficult to hear comments directed towards them when they are expecting.

For any women who has ever been on the receiving end of these comments, she's likely to had her fill of society until she delivers. These remarks may be kind, ridiculous, or just downright cruel. The people who say these things could be anyone, friends, neighbor, sister, or even an old lady at the grocery store! For some reason pregnancy causes people have no filter.

When pregnant, it is tough to have thick skin. Our hormones are all over the place! It is easy to get upset, or even cry, when someone says something that is just not nice or may even be the straw that breaks the camel's back. As hard as it is, brush off crazy comments because pregnancy is a beautiful thing, and women should feel good about themselves and their pregnancy, no matter what ridiculous thing is said to them.

Check out the list below for some of the craziest things that are said to pregnant women. Many of these women have probably heard some themselves. Read through and think, wow can't believe people say these things out loud, especially directed at a woman carrying a baby! Expecting moms will also find helpful advice in case they end up at the receiving end of a similar comments.

15 Why Would She Be Wearing That?!

“Should someone who is pregnant be wearing that?!” These comments are always a joy to hear, particularly if the pregnant woman is very pregnant during the summer months when she is so hot and exhausted from carrying around a fetus. Not to mention that if she is weeks away from her due date and nothing fits, then why should she go out and buy more clothes for 2 more weeks?

Whether a pregnant woman is wearing a full length dress, a casual t-shirt and shorts, or a bikini, chances are at some point someone will whisper to her, “I really don't think a pregnant woman should be wearing something like that!” Like pregnancy means a woman should hide herself under a moo-moo.

Lots of people, especially from older generations, feel that expectant ladies should not show off their belly. No tight (or even semi-tight) clothing. Bikinis?! Oh, hell no! Tell them how very comfortable the outfit is and that it's great for showing off the beautiful bump.

14 Was It Planned Or A Mistake?

“Do you plan to have the baby or was it an accident?” Love this one. At some point throughout your pregnancy you will find a person, could be a stranger or someone you know, who feels it is their right to ask you such a personal question.

It is quite an invasion of privacy to be asked this question, and one that may make you feel bad depending on the truth to your answer (whether or not you actually reveal it).

No matter how close you are to the person who is posing this incredibly personal question to you, in no way do you ever have to answer. Simply tell them that is very personal! Or have a laugh at it, because that person is just ridiculous!

13 Got Twins In There?

“I'm pretty sure there's twins in there?” This one is definitely a favorite (ha) of the pregnant ladies. It sure is nice to know when someone not only thinks they're very large but that their pregnant belly is so big that maybe they are actually carrying twins (and don't know it)!

How should expectant women handle this comment? They can politely say, nope just one baby or simply ignoring the person. Or they can put the ball in their court and make a joke of it, "Oh yeah I should probably double check and make sure it is just the one baby in there!"

Chances are, they will give her a strange look or just laugh along with her (probably never realizing that their original comment was pretty mean).

12 Don't Eat That!

So there you are scarfing down a delicious piece of chocolate lava cake and minding your own business, when along comes a know-it-all who thinks that food item is not right for your growing baby. Said person suddenly feels the immense need to share that thought with you. Great.

Sometimes, you will think you are eating healthy and before you know it, you have someone standing over you telling you something crazy, like how corn on the cob isn't good for pregnant ladies, because it can cause vaginal fissures. Not likely!

The best bet is to just ignore these comments. Heck, eat whatever you wish! Unless your doctor is concerned, you should not be. Of course, eat healthy, but the occasional cake, candy, ice cream, 10 ft sub, is perfectly fine!

11 Ready To Pop!

“Wow, look at that belly, you look like you are ready to pop!” Towards the end of your pregnancy (or not towards the end), if you are out and about, it is almost guaranteed some witty man or woman will make it their business to inform you that your baby is about to pop right out of your belly.

What they don't know is that you're in your second trimester and you were feeling great, until they pretty much insulted you to your face! While even women who are normally mild mannered will feel like slapping their bully in the face, instead women should have a witty come back like, "Guess I'm not the only one." Then give them a wink.

Even if you  actually feel like your belly will pop just like a balloon, telling someone they look ready to burst forth with life will only make them feel worse. The best thing to do is to respond with a smile and go about your day.

10 Definitely A Girl In There

“Must be a girl, she's stealing all your beauty.” Having a girl? Or not? Either way you might get this remark from someone who thinks they know everything. A comment such as your baby is stealing your beauty implies you basically look like crap. Which is something that no one on earth wants to hear, even if they're fully aware that they look like crap! Give us our dignity already!

Why anyone would say this to a pregnant woman is really amazing, it is such an insult to the mother-to-be! Not to mention that it could be taken to mean that the woman who received this comment will never look good again, which is actually a double insult.

If you get this comment directed at you, you can laugh it off and say, yep, it's a girl. Or say, uh no, it's a boy. Brush it off. The person giving the comment probably does not intent to insult you (though they are!), they just think they are able to identify the gender of your baby based on your looks.

9 It's Totally Gonna Be A Boy!

“You are all belly, like a basketball, it must be a boy!” Just as random people attempt to tell you that you are having a girl, the same goes for having a boy. Many believe that if you are having a boy, you are carrying all in front (not necessarily a bad thing!) You may find that strangers feel the need to come up to you to inform you that you look like you are having a boy.

Of course this notion is just silly, because different women carry their pregnancies in different ways, even if it's not their first pregnancy. Pregnancy is like snowflakes, no two are exactly the same, not even with twin sisters.

The thing is, people love to guess the gender of a baby while said baby is still in the womb. It is fun to wonder whether the pregnant lady you see is having a boy or a girl. We all wonder. It is just that some people take it to a different level by the things they say. You can reply with a simple response or just ignore it if it bothers you.

8 Beware Of Birth Defects

“What will you do if you find out something is terribly wrong? Will you get rid of it?” This is a tough one. First, you never want to imagine something could be wrong with your baby, and furthermore, something so awful your baby may not survive or be extremely disabled.

Even so, there are plenty of wondrous people out there who must think it is in their right to know what you would do if you got the information that your baby would not be the perfect boy or girl you expect it to be.

With a pregnant woman's hormones, comments like this could land you in tears. If you are not up to this conversation (particularly with a stranger), walk away. Just know you never have to explain yourself or give a response to anyone who is commenting on your pregnancy. Sometimes people need to learn to mind their own business!

7 Big Or Small Sizes

“You must be having one big baby” or “Your baby must be very tiny.” Again, people love to make remarks about your baby based on the size of your belly. Big belly must mean giant baby, whereas small belly must indicate a tiny baby. It doesn't matter where you are in your pregnancy, either, the comments will persist.

The whole belly thing really is up to genetics. Maybe your family is predisposed to having large babies, maybe your husband is a really tall man and the baby has his genes. Either way, people will always make assumptions about that baby bump.

You can share as much or as little as you would like with the stranger, friend, or relative who is overly curious about your baby's weight. Sometimes, it is okay, maybe your baby really is unusually big and you like to take about that! Or maybe your belly is small but baby is nice and healthy tucked inside.

6 Looking Pretty Tired To Me

“You look really tired.” This is a common one that many moms-to-be hear, especially towards the end of their pregnancy. The best part about an observation such as this one, is when you hear it on a day you feel wide awake and great!

It's like a slap in the face, especially fro women in the second trimester who are getting out and about after a first trimester that swept them off their feet for 3 months give or take. But if this is said to you when you're in the third trimester, then the person is only stating the obvious since the third trimester you have a hard time moving and getting around and that just takes it out of you.

A nod of the head as you pass this person, or saying, "No sh*t, Sherlock," are both acceptable responses! We are guessing you probably want to say the latter. Seriously, what pregnant woman isn't tired towards the end?!

5 Drink Up Mama!

Comments here can go either way! You might hear, “You can have a glass of red wine it's good for the baby,” or “One sip of beer and you will screw up your baby for life!” Some do truly believe a sip here or there of an alcoholic beverage does not hurt the baby. But many pregnant women do not want to hear this, some are longing for the days when they will be able to relax with a drink in hand!

Either way, it's best to not drink during the nine month journey since it's unknown how much alcohol exactly causes birth defects and FAS and FASE. So if some one is pushing a drink on you, you no longer have to be polite about getting them out of your space.

No one should be telling you to drink while pregnant. Your beliefs are yours, and your doctor will advise you best. Laugh off the drinking remarks directed towards you while you enjoy a virgin drink or non-alcoholic beer.

4 Is Everything All There?

“Does your baby have all his arms, legs, fingers, and toes?” This is a good one, people seem to be genuinely interested in your baby's body parts, and require confirmation that all is okay, even if they do not know you. Weird huh! Unless they're taking a medical survey.

Inquires on your baby's body parts may seem odd, but it may also be a type of comment that one makes because they want to say something to the pregnant one, but are not quite sure what to say.

Yep, all ten fingers and ten toes is the easiest response to give to someone bothering you about your baby's anatomy. Heck, if the person seems nice, show them the ultrasound pic! Or if you feel bothered, just smile and walk on by.

3 They're Going To Come Any Day Now

“Looks like your baby will come any day now!” To some people out there, seeing a very pregnant woman, like one in her last trimester, or even in the 40th week of pregnancy is equivalent of seeing Bigfoot! They see a big belly and think it must be almost time, let's hope she does not give birth here and now.

If someone says this to you, you might be agreeing! If you are at the end of your pregnancy, you are probably hoping baby arrives shortly. But if you are not at the end and get this comment, a simple reply of, nope still got two more months to go works to go, works fine as you continue doing what you're doing.

What is it with people and the comments in regards to pregnant women's size? Seriously, if women didn't have an issue with their weight before pregnancy, they might develop one afterward! We exaggerate, but seriously, too many of these comments are weight related.

2 Do This, Don't Do That

“You need to sit. You can't lift that. Stop running.” The comments go on and on about what you can or cannot do while carrying your unborn baby. People absolutely seem to enjoy bossing around pregnant women.

There are many old-school men and women out there who look at pregnancy almost as a sickness, where the pregnant lady needs to stay at home and should not participate in regular activities, yes it is ridiculous but true! When pregnant, we all definitely want help with things, but need to know there is plenty we can, and want, to do ourselves.

When you are pregnant, the only things that are off limits are what your doctor tells you to refrain from doing. Heck, there are pregnant weightlifters out there! Responses from you are not needed when people feel like telling you what to do or saying you can't do something that is perfectly fine for you to be doing.

1 Wow, That Bulge Is Huge!

“Holy cow, you are huge!” You can probably bet that you will hear this statement, perhaps more than once throughout your pregnancy. For some reason, there are people out there, whether you have met them or not, who seem to think it is fine for them to tell a pregnant lady that she is gigantic. No woman wants to hear how big she is, even if it is because she is carrying a baby (or two!)

It is not fun to constantly be told how huge you are, but do not let that stop you from going out in public. Want a laugh? If someone says you are huge- tell that person you are NOT pregnant!

And as your pregnancy comes to a close and you relax thinking you'll never again have strangers and family members all up in your business, just wait. That was just the beginning of what you're going to hear from others. Having babies means everyone will have something to say to you about how to raise them, feed them and discipline them.

So enjoy a lifetime of commentary from here on out!

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