Scandal's Katie Lowes Shares Her Struggle With Miscarriage

Star of Scandal, Katie Lowes, has taken to her Shondaland podcast Katie's Crib to open up about the loss of her unborn child. The mother of one candidly revealed how she coped with the tragic miscarriage she suffered before the birth of her 7 month old son, Albee. The actress told listeners how she went for a routine examination with no concerns, only to receive the devastating news that there was no heartbeat. In an address that was both heartfelt and honest, Katie explained her thought process thoroughly.

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"The initial feeling...was like, Okay, let's Olivia Pope the situation, let's fix it," Lowes explained, referring to the strong female lead in Scandal. She goes on to say that her first thought was to go to the hospital and find out when she could start trying again, giving herself little time to process her grief. It didn't take long for her feelings to catch up with her, following on from the hormonal changes in her body following the miscarriage. The time was "massively sad", she professed.

Katie is best known for her role as Quinn Perkins in ABC's political drama which came to a conclusion earlier this year. After her first loss and taking some time out for the grieving process, Lowes and her husband, fellow actor Adam Shapiro, welcomed their first son Albee in October of last year.

Her character gave birth in the series before Katie did IRL, and she later told outlets that she felt as though she didn't do the post-natal period justice on the show. As Quinn is walking around as though nothing happened, Lowes admitted that in reality things were a lot messier and a lot harder as she struggled to even sit down. She blamed it on not doing enough research for the scenes, apologizing to fans for not giving an accurate portrayal of life post-birth.

It's estimated that around 20% of pregnancies in the United States end in miscarriage before 20 weeks, leaving parents devastated. Many fall into patterns of depression due to hormonal changes and grief. A host of celebrities have opened up about their own personal experiences with tragedy to assure women that they are not alone.


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