School's "Punishment Isolation Room" Is Under Fire... Again!

Bellevue School District is the latest district to adopt this tactic. Parents are also concerned because of the policy surrounding this tactic is unclear. The room can only be used if the child poses a danger to himself or others but it also states that it can be used if there is unpredicted, spontaneous misbehavior, which is pretty vague. The school reports that this technique is only used in extreme cases and for only 15 mins at a time and the parents are notified by letter within the next 24 hours. 

Many parents have already spoken out about how some schools are abusing the room and putting kids in there for crying, or tapping on desks. One mother states that her child has been in there 17 times already. Another mother said that her child was too scared to return to school and one child as committed suicide inside the room as well. This is not the first time that parents have gotten concerned with these rooms. Above is a news report when one of the first districts installed it. 

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