10 Fantasy and Sci-Fi Baby Names That Your Inner Geek Will Love

Don’t be overwhelmed by picking out a baby name. This list was made with sci-fi and fantasy fans in mind. Why pick a common title when there’s so many orignal names from televsion, books, and film? These options were inspired by an entire cast of characters from these genres.

From enchanting monikers for little girls to heroic name for little boys, these titles are beyond magical. We drew from our favorite elves, wizards, and vampire slayers in pop culture to bring you an amazing collection of names. Please enjoy this list of 10 fantasy and sci-fi names that your inner geek will love.

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10 Ripley

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Parents who are Sci-Fi fans will instantly recognize the first name on this list as one of the fiercest female characters in modern cinema. Ripley was the name of the tough-as-nails Lieutenant who fought and defeated the terrifying creatures in the Alien movie franchise.

Actress, Sigourmey Weaver, who portrayed the chracter, will forever be remembered as the pioneer of the ulimate girl power! Ripley is an English name that means strip of clearing in the woods. A little girl named Ripley will command attention, for sure. We also love that it’s a gender-neutral option, which is so on-trend and current.

9 Kirk

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If you consider yourself to be a true Trekkie then you’ll love the name Kirk for your son. Hardcore fans of the Sci-Fi series, Star Trek, know that this name was inspired by Captian Kirk. The beloved actor, William Shatner first played, Captain James T. Kirk, of Starfleet.

Kirk is a Norse name that means church. A little boy name Kirk will be a natural-born leader. This one gives a nod to the series without being too weird. It entered the charts in the early 1900s and last saw a surge in the 1960s. Why not reclaim it for your son?

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8 Willow

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Hoping to give your daughter a name that will give a wink to the series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Well, look no further than the name Willow. Inspired by Buffy’s brainy best friend, this moniker pays homage to the show in a big way.

It would be especially cute to give to a little red head, like the actress who portrayed the character, Allison Hannigan. Willow is an English name that means willow tree. We love that it’s a nature-inspired name, which is very popular with the newest crop of hipster parents. The singer Pink chose this one for her daughter.

7 Aslan

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If you’re hoping to give your baby a fantasy character name then you will adore the name Aslan. This one was inspired by the C.S. Lewis series, The Chronicles of Narnia. Taken from the gentle lion who was the one true King of the world of Narnia, it’s a distinctive moniker that invokes power.

Aslan is a Turkish name that means lion. Your son will stand out in a crowd with a name like this one. It’s unique and hasn’t taken over the charts yet. Which means that it’s just waiting for someone as cool as you to make it their own.

6 Arwen

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We couldn’t have a list of fantasy baby names and not include at least one character from The Lord of the Rings. Arwen is a beautiful name that Tolkien fans will love. This one was inspired by the Princess of the elves, played by Liv Tyler in the film. We think it’s such a dreamy moniker.

Arwen is a Welsh name that means noble maiden. Literary-minded parents will be attracted to this one. Although, you don’t have to be a bookworm to know how lovely this name is. Magical, feminine, and unique, Arwen is just too enchanting to overlook.

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5 Westley

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Fans of The Princess Bride will want to choose the name Westley for their son. This one is somehow masculine and romantic all at once, thanks to the character from the popular film and book. Westley is the name of the protagonist who went to great lengths to save his one true love, Princess Buttercup.

Westley is an alternative spelling of the more common variation, Wesley. This one entered the charts during the early 1900s and saw a spike in popularity in 1989, thanks to the release of the movie in 1988. It had another bump in 2016, so it’s slowly rising.

4 Arya

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The series Game of Thrones may be over but that doesn’t mean that we can’t draw inspiration from the amazing list of characters. We just love the name Arya for a little girl. Taken from the hit series and books, this one pays homage to the spunky third child from the House of Stark.

Arya is a Sanskrit name that means noble. Not only does in sound exotic but it has a bold meaning as well. So fitting for the character that inspired it. Spunky, original, and fearless, Arya is becoming more and more popular with each passing day.

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3 Korben

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Korben is one of those names that just sounds like it came straight from outer space, which is perfect because it was inspired by the character, Korben Dallas, from the sci-fi film, The Fifth Element. Taken from the protagonist played by Bruce Willis, we love how brazen this one is.

It’s a Latin name that means crow and is a variation to the more common spelling, Corbin. According to Nameberry, the Holy Grail was hidden in a castle with this moniker. We love that it’s steeped in folklore but has an undeniably modern feel to it.

2 Bellatrix

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Parents who want to give their daughter a Harry Potter-inspired baby name should pay attention to the next name on this list. Bellatrix would be a spellbinding option. We took this one from the witchy character, Bellatrix LeStrange, from the Harry Potter franchise.

It means female warrior, which would make the perfect name for a strong little girl. We also really like that it has an “x” in the spelling, which breaths new life into the more common, stuffier-sounding moniker, Beatrice. This isn’t one that you hear often so your daughter will be one-of-a-kind if you name her Bellatrix.

1 Ender

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It can be a bit tricky to find original baby names, but Sci-Fi fans have an entire literary universe to draw inspiration from. We think that the name Ender is a cool option that hasn’t been overused. Taken from the book written by Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Game, this one is out-of-this-world!

Ender is a Turkish name that means very rare. The book was made into a movie in 2013 but that didn’t do much to move it up on the charts. It’s totally distinctive and your son will be the only kid in his class named Ender, we promise.

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