How To Handle Sciatic Nerve Pain While Pregnant

There is nothing like feeling that pain in your lower back, hip, rear and leg to make it seem as though your pregnancy is making you age. There are two types of pain: sciatica and sacroiliitis. Sacroiliitis is a rare form of arthritis, so it's unlikely but can still be triggered by pregnancy and be mistaken as sciatica.

Sciatica is nerve pain. When the baby is laying on your sciatic nerve it can be pretty easy to remedy. Sciatica itself is uncommon, but sciatica-like symptoms are a common complaint during pregnancy. The condition is typically caused by herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, Osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis or just baby laying on the nerve. Other causes more likely during pregnancy can be muscle tension and unstable joints, pelvic bone pain, sacroiliac joint problems, and Ankrolyzing Spondylitis.

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If the baby is simply laying on the nerve, the most recommended exercise is to get on your hands and knees and gently nudge the baby to move off the nerve.

The pain is very easy to recognize, it's a constant and sometimes dull (sometimes sharp) stabbing pain through your hip, lower back, butt and down one leg. A lot of people call it "psychotic" nerve pain because the constant ache can make you feel like you're going to go psychotic.

If baby won't budge from the spot, try a warm shower. Make sure not too hot, but heat helps. Tylenol can help if everything else fails and if you have it severe for a prolonged time, pregnancy massage could help. On top of baby laying on the sciatic nerve, you can also end up with a damaged nerve- which will last longer than your pregnancy. For severe cases, sometimes physical therapy will be your best treatment. They can help give you exercises to help stretch and ease the pain and you can repeat the exercises at home.

Some of the more natural, homeopathic fixes for people who don't want to resort to medications, can be prenatal massage- find someone who knows how to massage for sciatica, chiropractor or even a holistic health practitioner, as long as the treatment is safe for pregnancy.

There is no reason to just live with the pain during your pregnancy. If you experience pain from your hip down your leg, butt and lower back, talk to your doctor to see which remedies may be right for you.


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