Scotland's 25 Most Popular Names Of 2018

Choosing a name for a child is serious business and is a decision that parents do not take lightly! After all, a child will carry their name for the rest of their lives so it's important that parents choose one that represents everything they want for their little boy or girl. While there are endless resources available for parents when it comes to finding name options, the parents may want to 'look outside the box' a bit when it comes to selecting the perfect moniker.

In some parts of the world, the same names have rated at the top of the popularity scale for the past few years. Emma, Sophia, Olivia, Isabella and Ava have dominated as popular baby girl names while William, Noah, Mason, Liam and Jacob have topped the list for boys names. While those are all gorgeous names for any child, parents today may be looking for a name equally beautiful yet not quite so popular without opting for something completely unique and a bit more 'out there.'

Looking at other countries to see what names are popular there is a good way to find a beautiful and somewhat unique name that isn't quite so common elsewhere. If totally unique names like Pharoah, Dynasty, Lake, Fox, Severus, Everest, and even Prosper (which are all current and unusual baby names) aren't for mom and dad, but they want something a bit less common than the top trending names in the US, take a look at these 25 top baby names in Scotland and maybe they'll find the perfect baby name inspiration.

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25 Olivia

It looks like Olivia has a stronghold in the naming popularity game all over the world! While Olivia has consistently charted in the top 10 most popular names in the US for the last few years, it also topped the list of the most popular baby girl name in Scotland in 2018.

Olivia is said to have first become popular thanks to the character of the same name in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night play, and has steadily grown in its popularity over the last 15 years or so. If you're looking for something not so common this may not be the name for you, but there's no doubting that this is a classic name that will never go out of style.

24 Emily

Emily peaked in popularity in the United States in the year 2000 when it was the most popular baby name of the year, but since then it has slowly drifted down the popularity list and now sits comfortably at #12, while it still ranks as #2 in Scotland.

The Latin derived name has no doubt fallen in popularity as parents choose the more currently popular name Emma, which makes Emily a perfect choice for new parents. It's a classic and feminine name that is common but since it's not in the top 10 in the US you may avoid having a kindergarten classroom full of Emilys.

23 Isla

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If you're looking for a uniquely Scottish name for your daughter, Isla is the perfect choice! Ranking 3rd for baby names in Scotland, Isla comes in at 103rd in the United States. Thanks to actresses like Isla Fisher and Harry Potter character Isla Black Hitchens, the name is somewhat recognizable as well ensuring people will know how to pronounce it.

Isla means island and is a sweet, old fashioned name perfect for parents looking for something pretty, short, and unique.

22 Sophie

While Sophia may be dominating the naming charts in the United States, it's sister name Sophie is proving to be incredibly popular in Scotland. Sophie is the perfect choice for parents who love the name Sophia but want to give their child a bit of a unique twist on the name.

Sophie falls just below the top 100 names in the United States, but is the 4th most popular baby girl name in Scotland. Sophie is of French Greek origin and means 'wisdom' and is a beautiful choice for a baby girl name.

21 Jessica

If you're looking for a pretty and feminine name that is definitely not so popular in the US, Jessica may be the name you're looking for. Jessica peaked in popularity between the years 1980 and 2000, meaning you probably know a few adult Jessica's but very few children with the same name. It now sits at number 248 in terms of popularity in the United States, but the name is topping baby name lists in Scotland.

Jessica was also made popular by Shakespeare and is a definitely a beautiful name that is ready for its comeback. Coming in as the 6th most popular baby girl name in Scotland it is definitely a name to consider.

20 Amelia

Amelia is a pretty and feminine name that is almost equally popular in the United States as it is in Scotland. The German name, which means 'work,' is said to be an updated version of the names Amanda and Emily.

Amelia topped the popular naming lists in the UK from 2011 to 2017 and still remains popular, thanks to characters in both books and movies being named the pretty name. It also has royal ties with the daughters of Kings George II and III being named Amelia.

19 Ava

Ava is actually a bit more popular in the United States than in Scotland, but for good reason. It's a gorgeous name that any girl would be lucky to have and is so classic that it will never go out of style.

Derived from the Latin word for 'life,' Ava really grew in popularity over the last decade or so when many celebrities started using the name for their own children. We know that celebrities influence so much and baby names are no different. Reese Witherspoon, Hugh Jackman, Jeremy Renner, Jason Priestly and Heather Locklear all have daughters named Ava.

The sweet and simply yet elegant simplicity of this name ensure it will never go out of style.

18 Ella

Ella is twice as popular in Scotland as it is in the United States, not quite cracking the top 10 in the US. The name, which means 'fairy maiden' is a pretty name that was often used as a nickname for Isabella, but is now holding its own as a name in its own right.

Ella is also a popular name amongst Hollywood elite, with Mark Wahlberg, John Travolta and Warren Beatty all giving the sweet name to their daughters. It's the perfect choice if you want something recognizable but not too popular, and not as long as Isabella or Arabella.

17 Charlotte

Charlotte currently sits in the top 10 in both the United States and Scotland. It's a gorgeous, sweet, pretty name that is completely adorable on both a little girl and a grown woman.

The name Charlotte has long been a name associated with royals and is also a popular choice in pop culture among book and movie characters. Many love that the name can be shortened to 'Charlie', or even 'Char' or 'Lottie' providing parents with a number of options if they choose Charlotte for their daughter.

16 Aria

This gorgeous Italian name can probably thank the Game of Thrones character Arya Stark or Pretty Little Liars character named Aria for its recent rise in popularity, despite the difference in spelling. Aria, which means song or melody, is quickly rising up the popular name charts, although it's more popular in Scotland thank the US.

Aria is a lovely choice for a baby girl because it's short and sweet and won't be abbreviated or result in a nickname, which is often important for many parents when choosing a baby name.

15 Lucy

Lucy is definitely not as popular in the US as it is in Scotland, making it the perfect name choice for a little girl. The sweet name, which means light, first became popular in the UK although it didn't take long for Americans to love the short and sassy moniker.

Lucy is one of the most popular girl names to begin with the letter L and is often used as a short form of the name Lucia and even Lucianna. Lucy isn't just the name of a saint but is also a pop culture favorite, with it appearing in song titles as well as television shows.

14 Lily

Lily is one of the popular girl names to be derived from the names of popular flowers. Rose, Daisy, Aster, Violet and Jasmine are all names that were inspired by flowers, as is Lily.

Lily is more popular in Scotland than in the US and it's a beautiful name for a girl and woman. It has seen its popularity rise thanks in part to so many celebrities who have named their daughters Lily, as well as its occurrence in movies and books.

Lily is a shortened and more current form of the name Lillian that is perfect for any baby girl.

13 Freya

Loraine Ross Photography www.loraineross.co.uk

Freya is the name of the Norse goddess of love, beauty and fertility and while it has long been popular in the UK and Scotland, it hasn't found its footing in the United States. For many people, that makes it the perfect choice for a baby name for their daughter.

Freya is a unique yet pretty name that is rarely heard in the United States, yet continues to climb in popularity in Scotland. Choosing Freya gives parents the options of a not so common name that has a great meaning and unique sound that will set their daughter apart from the rest.

12 Jack

Jack is currently the most popular name for a boy in Scotland and for good reason - it's a great name! Many people choose to name their son Jack as it's a less formal version of John, a name it was once a common nickname for.

Jack has long been a popular name choice for parents of boys over the years and means 'God is gracious.' Jack has been a classic option for parents because it evokes a sense of class, strength, and friendliness. Jack is a solid name choice for any parents looking for a great name for their son.

11 Oliver

While Oliver only began to surge in popularity in the United States over the last 10 years, it has long been a popular choice amongst the Scottish. Perhaps the popularity of its female namesake Olivia helped to boost the use of the name in the US without becoming quite as commonly used.

Oliver is a great choice for parents who want a multi-syllable name for their child that is easy to pronounce and spell and that is still a bit more unique than other name options.

10 James

Is there a more classic boy name than James? No matter how popular it is it will never go out of style, because it is simply a classic. The name is equally used in both the United States and Scotland, proving that it has a wide appeal.

James appeals to so many parents as a name choice because it is associated with biblical figures, royals and many presidents. While James can be shortened to a variety of nicknames, many are choosing to simply use the full version of the name, which is definitely a wonderful choice.

9 Lewis

While Lewis may not be very common in the United States at all, (it currently sits in the mid 500's!) it is definitely a popular name in Scotland, ranking at the 7th most popular boys name.

Lewis is often commonly used as a last name in the US, which makes it even more appealing as a first name. It's a name that's easy to spell and pronounce, but not one that  a lot of other children will have. Some people even pronounce the name 'Louis' as Lewis if you want to have options when it comes to spelling. And of course, the nickname 'Lou' is super cute for a child and endearing for an adult.

8 Noah

The biblical name Noah has definitely seen a rise in popularity in the last decade or so not just in the US but in Europe as well. Noah was the first name in 13 years to finally knock Jacob from its long standing reign at #1.

Noah is a sweet name for a boy that's equally popular in Scotland as it is in the US, and many have also made the name gender neutral by using for girls as well. While the name gained fame thanks to the biblical Noah, you don't have to be religious to love this sweet and simple name.

7 Logan

Logan is another name that was once typically a boys name that is now quickly becoming unisex. It's a great name for a boy or a girl, and ranks 5th in both the US and Scotland for boy names. The name is of Scottish origin and was originally more of a surname, but has found a place for itself as a popular first name over the years.

Logan is a strong and serious name yet would be as perfect for a fun loving little boy as it would a more mature grown man. You can't go wrong choosing a name like Logan for boys or girls.

6 Harris

Harris is another one of those names that hasn't quite caught on in the US quite yet, but is extremely popular in Scotland, making it a great choice for any parent who loves the sound of names like Harry or Harrison yet doesn't want a name that's quite that popular.

Harris, which means 'Son of Harry' is also sometimes a nickname for the name Henry, which is another great name but also becoming quite popular in the US. Harris is another name that was once mostly popular as a surname but is really the best option for parents who want a recognizable name that's still a bit unique.

5 Alexander

Alexander is a classic name, but did you know it was so popular in Scotland? The name, that's of Greek origin and means 'defending men' currently is the 8th most popular name in Scotland.

Alexander is a strong, solid name for boy that has created its fair share of nicknames that are now names itself. Xander and Zander are now being used as standalone names, and Alex has long been the standard nickname for Alexander. There are many different variations of the name for different countries as well, and although it seems like it's too popular, people still love it.

4 Leo

Leo sits in the top 10 for most popular boy names in Scotland for good reason, it's a truly awesome name! Leo, which means 'lion' hasn't found quite the same level of popularity in the US as it has across Europe, which makes it the perfect choice for parents looking for something a bit unique for their son.

Leo can be used as a nickname for Leonardo or even Leonard, or simply used as a standalone name. Short and to the point, Leo and its fierce meaning make it the perfect name for your boy.

3 Harry

I think it's safe to say that the name Harry really became popular as a new baby name choice. Not surprisingly Harry is the 10th most popular boy name in Scotland, yet it sits in the 600's in the United States. If you love names like Henry, Harris or Harrison, Harry is the perfect choice. Many people associate the name Harry with someone who is fun and charming and generous, which are all great qualities to have your son associated with.

2 Charlie

Charlie isn't nearly as popular a name in the US as it is in Scotland, with Charles being much more popular here. Charlie, which was once used as just the nickname form of the more formal Charles has definitely risen in popularity over the years, ranking at #14 in Scotland currently.

Charlie, unlike Charles, is being used for both boys and girls and is a happy go-lucky, fun loving name that isn't quite as firm sounding as Charles. Athletes and celebrities like Tiger Woods and Soledad O'Brien have named their sons Charlie.

1 Lucas

Lucas is quickly becoming the more popular form of the shorter 'Luke' for parents who want a name that has the same sound but a bit more formality.  Not surprisingly, Lucas is currently a bit more popular in the United States than in Scotland, but it's in the top 20 in both countries.

Lucas is a great and versatile name that can be shortened to Luke for a more familiar name or used in long form if you want to be more formal. People love the name Lucas so much it's becoming hugely popular around the world, especially in Spain, Sweden and Norway!

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