Scott Disick Drops $20,000 To Give Penelope’s Room A Pink-Themed Makeover

Scott Disick recently renovated his daughter's bedroom. The makeover cost Disick about $20,000! He certainly has no problem spoiling little Penelope with a pink palace.

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Don't mess with Scott Disick's kids! We saw earlier this week that nobody should threaten Disick's kids in any way or he is going to lose his cool. His life revolves around his beautiful children and he loves them very much. In a sneak peek episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kriss Jenner's boyfriend made the mistake of telling Disick that he was going to spank Penelope if she needed to get some discipline. Penelope is Kourtney and Scott's 7-year-old daughter and the conversation didn't end well.

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Disick is certainly a parent who will not only protect his kids to the very end but is quick to spoil them. Hey, he has the money, so why not? We just heard that Disick just dropped a large amount of money on Penelope's room makeover, $20,000 to be exact! The room is completely decked out in new furniture and beautiful pink accents. It's every little girl's dream! Disick shared that he was very excited to give P her pink palace. He bought her the most incredible bed filled with white and pink fluffy pillows.


Penelope had requested to receive a portrait of herself. Scott definitely delivered for his little princess. Above her bed is a self-portrait painted by The Kaplan Twins. We are sure that Penelope is going to love the pink palace that her father so lovingly made for her. Disick added special lights to her room that gave her room a rainbow and he also added a chandelier for the young lady! What a perfect room!

Scott Disick has really gotten bit by the renovation bug and he now stars in his own E! television show called Flip it Like Disick and he has been flipping very expensive houses for a profit. You can check out the no-nonsense Disick as he maneuvers his way through the real estate and renovating process! Scott's personality certainly makes perfect television!

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