Scottish Cyclist Performs Amazing Bike Tricks With Friends’ 4-Year-Old Daughter

Dany MacAskill, a professional cyclist, creates a hilarious video of him riding a bike with a baby in tow.

A hilarious video has become viral called "Danny Daycare." A famous cyclist, Danny MacAskill, went to go and babysit his friend's four-year-old daughter, Daisy. The video starts with him knocking on the door of his friend's house. The couple opens up the door and quickly leaves Danny alone with the sweet little girl. The video starts out really harmless where she is just reading a cute little book and being adorable. Danny looks out the side glass window and noticed a bike trailer sitting there all alone. He asks the little girl if she wants to go on a bike ride and she says yes.

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The ride starts out as a normal harmless ride but then starts to get a little bumpy throughout the ride. Danny rides over logs, rides passed rocks and through beautiful scenery. Danny even starts driving the bike and the trailer on the edge of a bridge overpassing a little river. Every once in awhile the camera switches to a different point of views. Many of the views are showing what the child is looking at and also the facial expressions of the child during the ride.

All of a sudden Danny starts doing insane tricks with Daisy in her bike trailer. At one point he even does a backflip that he lands perfectly and he keeps on riding. Daisy is shown laughing, smiling and saying, "wow." Of course, we learn at the very end of the video that the little girl never had to endure any of those stunts. Daisy was actually portrayed as a little fake doll. They even stated that no children were harmed in the making of the film. You would have to be very gullible if you thought Danny would actually do all of those crazy stunts with a little girl in the bike trailer.

Make sure you watch the end of the video where you can see all of the painful bloopers. Thankfully there wasn't an actual kid in any of those shots, because some of the bloopers are hard to even watch. This video was definitely entertaining and fun to watch!

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