Screen Time Is Affecting Your Child’s Brain And Mood

Parents often tell their kids that too much screen time can affect their brain. New research is proving now more than ever how true that statement is, as well as what it is doing to a child’s mood.

Children are exposed to various different types of screens today thanks to technology advancements. However, as opposed to back in the day when parents only had to worry about TV screens affecting their kids, now there is so much more to consider. What affect is screen time having on children’s developing brains? Is it the cause of various mood swings among children?

These questions are arising as parents attempt to use certain electronic devices as educational tool, which they are. It isn’t just parents either, schools are teaching on tablets and computers.

According to Dr. Liraz Margalit Ph.D, parents may actually unintentionally be doing significantly more harm than good.

“The device does the thinking for them, and as a result, their own cognitive muscles remain weak,” shared Margalit.

Basically these electronic devices have become a digital drug for children, which is not good for their forming brains. Victoria L. Dunckley M.D says that recent brain images she studied prove that too much screen time can damage a developing brain.

“The children she sees suffer from sensory overload, lack of restorative sleep, and a hyper-aroused nervous system, regardless of diagnosis what is called electronic screen syndrome. These children are impulsive, moody, and can’t pay attention,” she said.

Via Psychology Today


Also, the recent brain imaging she looked at appeared to show screen time affect the brain’s frontal cortex, which controls executive functioning, including impulse control in exactly the same way that cocaine does. It sounds like a crazy comparison, but this example is in the most extreme addicted cases.

The final point is there are now images showing how screen time affects a child’s brain. As most parents already know, it is important to limit the amount of time kids watch TV or are on a computer, phone, or tablet. The brain research is definitely a little scary, but as with most research it all has to be taken with a grain of salt.

What do you think about the new research regarding how screen time is affecting children?

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