Sean Penn Reveals Difference In Parenting Styles With Ex

Sean Penn is one of the most iconic actors of all time, having won two Academy Awards and starring in numerous films over the course of his 44 year career. To most of us, he's a superstar actor, but to two others he's simply Dad. Penn shares his two children, Dylan and Hopper, with ex-wife Robin Wright. While the two try to remain amicable for the sake of their children after divorcing in 2010, it's not always been smooth sailing when it comes to parenting do's and don'ts.


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According to E News, Penn sat down with Marc Maron to chat about his upcoming book, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff earlier this week, but the subject quickly turned to his relationship with Wright. "We don't have a lot of conversation. We don't not get along. We have very separate relationships with our kids at this point and it's better that way because they're making their own decisions. As it turned out, she and I did not share some ethical views on parenting including the continuing parenting of adult children," said the 57-year-old star.

Sean met Robin after his 4-year marriage to Madonna ended in 1989. The couple welcomed daughter Dylan Francis in 1991, and son Hopper in 1993. After a brief separation in which the actor had a fling with singer Jewel, Wright and Penn reconciled and wed in 1996. The marriage was consistently up and down, with both parties filing for divorce on separate occasions only to reconcile. The union came to a permanent end in 2010.

The I am Sam star went on to explain that while the children love their mother, the former spouses will never agree on what's best for them. "It was better for her to be entirely whatever she is and available to them and they love their mother and they have that relationship and for me to be entirely available, but...we're always going to have conflicting ethics."

According to Penn both of his children are pursuing careers in the acting and modeling industry, although he openly admits his love for showbiz is dwindling.



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