A Second Baby Has Been Born In A Transplanted Uterus

A second baby has been born in a transplanted uterus in the United States. It is a miracle that could help millions of women who are unable to carry their own baby.

According to Time magazine, the most recent baby born via a uterus transplant happened at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas. It is also the same hospital where the first baby was born late last year.

The little girl was born in February, but the hospital is keeping the family information private for now. She was part of the hospitals new uterus transplant clinical trial. All of the women in the trial have absolute uterine factor infertility or AUI, which means their uterus is nonfunctioning or nonexistent.

Specific information about the participants in the trial, such as identity, is being kept confidential. However, certain medical information is being shared as results from the trial come in. The woman who gave birth in February was born without a uterus and spent her entire life believing she would never carry her own child.

So how exactly does the trial work? In this case, the woman had uterus implanted in her. This can be done from a living donor or from someone who is deceased. The program at Baylor is still experimental, but eight more women are expected to be part of the same trial and hopefully with the same success rate. Once the transplant is successful, the women then undergo in vitro fertilization.

Not only are the transplants proving to be successful, but the trail is also providing valuable medical and scientific information for Baylor. Dr. Testa shared they are also learning how to make it the best possible procedure for women hoping to carry their own children.

“We are starting to confirm some scientific intuitions that if replicated in future cases will be essential in making the journey of uterus transplant easier and safer,” shared Dr. Testa.

There have now been two babies born via a uterus transplant, which is amazing. Trials, such as this one at Baylor, are helping pave new ways for women with fertility issues to get pregnant and give birth. It truly is amazing what modern medicine and science can do these days.

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