Secondary Infertility Is A Real Thing- Here's Everything You Should Know About It

Women with secondary infertility struggle with conceiving a baby after having already successfully conceived a child.

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Infertility is a term that women use when they are struggling with conceiving. They may say that they are having infertility issues which usually applies to couples who have been actively trying to have a baby for at least a year. The term infertility has a poor connotation and many couples have tried to avoid the topic because they are embarrassed, or they have guilt. However, a topic that is even less common is a term called "secondary infertility."

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Secondary Infertility is when a couple has previously been able to conceive a child or children, and yet they are struggling to conceive another child. The hardest part about defining and "solving" infertility is that the term covers quite a broad spectrum of issues. Couples who are struggling with infertility, or secondary infertility all have varying reasons as to why it is occurring. There is no "one size fits all" diagnosis or treatment for infertility issues.


Infertility is more common than some may believe. About 1 in 8 couples have troubles conceiving. Of those 1 in 8 couples, 30% are suffering from secondary infertility.  Dr. Colby Previte, an obstetrician-gynecologist at the University of Rochester,  explains that the most likely cause of this phenomenon is due to the aging of the body. As women get older their eggs age with them. Therefore, your body has to sometimes work harder to become pregnant. Although some couples may not have any difficulties getting pregnant regardless of their age, this may be an answer to many women's problems. It is an answer, but it is not a solution, because the researchers can not take off years from your eggs lives. There is no way to turn back time on the age of eggs.

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It is very important to be sensitive to people's infertility issues, no matter the cause. Many women who suffer from secondary infertility get very rude and insensitive comments like, "well you at least have one kid." Some may even say, "well, you are lucky, one kid is way easier than two." We shouldn't be saying insensitive comments like this to any woman and it is important to support other women and share our sympathy for their struggles.

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