Why You Should Keep Your Due Date Secret

Ever since you saw that positive pregnancy test, you've probably been counting the days, weeks, and months until your baby's arrival. Yes, there is a day, medically speaking, when your baby is “due”. But due dates are not lines in the sand! Worse yet, they are sorely misunderstood. Did you know that most depictions of pregnant women in mass media are of women who are not actually pregnant and who are wearing a six-month pregnant belly? Yes! Even women who are giving birth in your favorite movies are not wearing a full-term fake belly. This distortion of when a woman is due and what it looks like to be carrying a full-term pregnancy has just confused everyone. but you can opt out of all of this confusion! just keep your due date a secret!

yes keep your due date the secret from your family from your friends from your co-workers from social media! don't enter it into a due date predictor online and sign up for emails keep track yourself of course! But don’t buy into the hype, mama!

The Average Pregnancy Is 40 Weeks, 5 Days Long

Due dates are an estimation. Via Building Blocks Adoption Servic

If you asked a random person off the street how long a human pregnancy lasts, what would they guess? Probably “nine months”. And if you ask that same person how long a month is (in weeks), they’d say, “about four”. So: four weeks per month, for nine months. That’s only 36 weeks! A full-term pregnancy is considered 40 weeks, of course - and that’s why I say that pregnancy is actually ten months!

Here’s the kicker: pregnancy doesn’t last 40 weeks. The average pregnancy is actually 40 weeks, 5 days long! Put it this way: by 40 weeks + 5, half of all pregnant women will have given birth. The other half will still be pregnant! If this is the actual average, why do we keep setting 40 weeks as a line in the sand? Yes - there are legitimate medical concerns with going “over-term”. I don’t want to dismiss those out-of-hand. My point is: people think pregnancy is nine months long without knowing the real numbers involved. Giving them a due date to write on a calendar is a gross oversimplification of the whole shebang!

Secret Due Dates Protect You From Unwanted Attention

Sometime you don't want the questions. Via Parents Magazine

Pregnant women everywhere, I know you feel me on this one! It’s beyond annoying to keep rebuffing the gas station clerk, the school secretary, your aunt Millie, and strangers on the street. Seriously. When people ask “When are you due?”, you might think they’ll forget the date. No, they won’t! I promise, it’s a law of nature: if you tell someone your due date, they will keep track and ask you incessantly if you’re ready to have the baby yet.

But really, I mean it. If you don’t want to be bothered about your due date as your approach it, keep it secret! If someone asks, you might be able to deflect with a politely vague answer. My personal favorite? “I’m due in March, thanks!” If the person gets pushy about it, you can say, “Well, a due date isn’t a deadline. I probably won’t be pregnant anymore in April, so - March it is!”

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You Can Provide An Example Of Full-Term Pregnancy

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Look, you’re busy growing a human. It is NOT your job to expend all your energy educating people about the realities of pregnancy. Focus on being healthy, staying safe, and preparing for your baby! Simply by doing that, you’ll be providing a real-world example of what a (hopefully) full-term pregnancy looks like.

But, of course, if you are willing to help educate someone - do it! It’s tempting to reply with a bit of sass when someone asks you a potentially rude question. Instead, consider sharing the truth about pregnancy and due dates: most pregnancies last 40 weeks and 5 days! Women at full-term look different than the smaller, pre-term pregnancy representations you see in popular culture. Yes, pregnant women can carry groceries all on their own. Get out there, you competent pregnant person, you! Dispel all those myths!

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