How To Select The Perfect Diaper Bag

New moms need a diaper bag when they go out with their baby. A diaper bag doesn't have to be frumpy! It's a mom's new everyday purse, and it should be cute, functional, and manageable. Here are some tips on choosing the perfect diaper bag.

Cuteness Factor

If a mom is going to carry something on a daily basis, she needs to love how it looks! She will want something that fits with her personal style. The bag's look should also be versatile so that it can blend seamlessly with any outfit. It will often hang on the stroller, so they should complement each other's color and style.

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Functionality is key. All of the items should be accessible in an organized and efficient way. Interior and exterior pockets can help moms departmentalize. However, too many of these can get overwhelming. For supplies to be accessible, open interior pockets are preferred. Keep things visible! Outside pockets can be used for items a mom will want to grab without putting down and opening up her bag, like her wallet, keys, and phone.

Wallet, keys, and phone? Yes, it's preferable to use just one bag, rather than carrying a separate purse. Having two bags makes everything harder, and it's best for hands to be free for the baby! That may mean using a pocket for personal items or storing a clutch (like a makeup bag) inside the bag. Alternatively, a mom might use a 'diaper clutch' which is stored inside a larger handbag.

Many diaper bags come with a changing pad, which is incredibly useful for changing a baby in public bathrooms or anywhere besides home. For those who go the diaper clutch route, the best clutches will fold out to be a changing pad.


A diaper bag should be easy to carry around. Lugging something big and bulky is exhausting, and heavy items aren't good for the neck, shoulders, and back. Choosing a small-ish sized bag will help keep it light and reduce the risk of building up clutter. Additionally, a smaller bag gives a more elegant appearance.

A cross body style is much more manageable than a tote. Not only is it better for the neck and shoulders, but it also helps keep hands free. It's also easier to hang a crossbody strap over the stroller handles.

Make life easier by carefully selecting the perfect diaper bag!


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