This Smart Stroller That Pushes Itself Right Alongside You And Has A Built-In Bottle Warmer

The Smartbe is an innovative stroller that pushes itself as you walk right alongside it and even comes with its very own bottle warmer.

Being a parent is not only one of the most rewarding things you can do with your life, but it is also one of the hardest. Giving birth, looking after your baby, and raising a child is taxing and there are very few things in life that can make it easier aside from having someone by your side to share the load.

While there's not necessarily some type of technology that is going to help you raise your kids, this upcoming bit of kit might make your life just a little less stressful. It's called the Smartbe and it is effectively a stroller that pushes itself. As you can see from the video below, it rolls right alongside you and stops when you stop.


The Smartbe runs on an electric engine and is controlled via an app on your phone, naturally. If you stop, Smartbe stops. If you speed up, the stroller will follow you. If the battery runs out you can also push it like you would a normal stroller, and if an unauthorized user tries to push it, an alarm will sounds. Last but not least, it even has a built-in bottle warmer and rocker with music.

Before you search for the Smartbe stroller and try to throw your money at this innovative new idea, we have a little bit of bad news. Although the idea was first funded in 2016, manufacturing of the stroller has currently been put on hold according to Mashable. What's worse is the current hold-up is an indefinite one with those who have already put money down being given refunds.

All hope is not lost for those who are dreaming of this smart stroller now. While there hasn't been an announcement confirming that production of the Smartbe will start up again, there has also not been one declaring that the initiative has been scrapped. We may not currently live in a world with self-pushing strollers, but hopefully one day we will.


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