A Selfie Reveals That A South African Woman Was A Stolen Baby

A selfie has revealed the truth of a long mystery involving a stolen baby. After 17 years of suffering, a couple finally has closure on what happened to one of their babies. It was like the meeting between their daughters was fated by the universe.

In 2015, Miché Solomon was beginning her final year in Zwaanswyk High School in Cape Town, and she was swarmed by friends excitedly telling her that there’s a new girl who looks exactly like her. The younger girl, Cassidy Nurse, looked almost identical to her, but she didn’t think much of it. However, when she met Cassidy in person, Miché describes an “instant connection” that she felt with her. One day, they took a selfie together, and showed their parents.

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Miché’s parents simply agreed that they look similar, and her father, Michael, just said that he recognized the girl and new her father’s electrical store. Cassidy’s parents, on the other hand, were stunned. They asked their daughter to ask Miché if she was born on the 30th of April, 1997.

Cassidy asked Miché the next day, and she was weirded out that she got her birthday exactly. After a few weeks, Miché was called to the headmaster’s office and met with two social workers. They informed her of a unique story.

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17 years ago, a three-day-old baby named Zephany Nurse was abducted from the Groote Schuur Hospital. A woman dressed as a nurse, took the baby, and walked out of the hospital. To prove the story, Miché took a DNA test, and the results showed that she was indeed related to Cassidy.

Miché's parents were questioned, and Michael was so shocked by the police’s questions. After questioning the both of them, authorities speculate that Lavona, Miché's mother, hid a miscarriage from her family and faked the remainder of her pregnancy. Because she needed to bring home a baby, she stole Miché from a hospital and pretended she was hers.

Lavona was charged with kidnapping and fraudulently claiming to be the mother of a child. She denied any wrongdoing during her trial, and she told the courts of a lady named Sylvia who offered her a baby from a girl who couldn’t keep her. However, there’s no evidence to prove Sylvia actually exists. There was evidence to prove that there was a woman who dressed up as a nurse and stole a baby, and the courts sentenced her to 10 years in jail.

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