Serena Williams Is Beyond Proud Of "Wild Child" Daughter

In an exclusive interview with parents.com, tennis superstar Serena Williams grandstanded her “wild child” daughter, Alexis Olympia, to a big extent. While the portrayal may be deemed negative to many, it's nothing shy of fabulous to Serena! At the same time, Williams has collaborated with Pampers to encourage parents to unleash their active babies with the help of the new Cruisers 360 FIT diapers. These particular diapers are designed to keep up with every wild move a baby makes, making them ideal for many parents.


Williams hopes that Alexis will always embrace her curiosity as she continues to grow. She believes that people who shy away from asking different things don't receive the same opportunities as the bold. In other words, they do not obtain the same things that others are able to have.  Williams also adds Alexis has been engrossed and spirited even when she was extremely little.

Williams explained, “When she was born, even when she came out, she was looking at everything. She had such a strong neck [even when she was] so young. She's just as active now as she was mentally then. Mentally, she was looking everywhere, and she wanted to be a part of something, and she would stare at our face with such intent eyes."

Although Williams admits that each day is both exciting and tiring, she asserts that she wouldn't trade it for anything. Dance parties with her energetic little one are often part of their post-dinner activities, along with sprinting and jumping across the room. Her daughter is thrilled when she recognizes the music during their fun-filled activities.

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The interview also gets slightly intimate as Williams admit that she, like other motherss are learning and indicative of exposing oneself - like any other parent, Williams has been vulnerable to criticism. She shares her advice for moms contending with judgment, "You just have to continue to live your life and do your best," she says. "You can't let other people tell you what to do."


Williams' own mother, Oracene Price, recognized her own daughter's wild streak long ago. It's that innate spiritedness that fueled her journey to becoming one of the most beloved and successful pro athletes in the world. These are all traits that Williams and her husband, Alexis Ohanian, foster and find amusing. She is a powerful role model for both her daughter and other parents.


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