Serena Williams' Daughter Helps With Her $900 Daily Beauty Routine

Serena Williams likes to make her skin routine a family affair!

In a new video for Harper’s Bazaar, the mom-of-one revealed her daily skin routine. And it turns out her beauty regimen (which she says costs a total of $900!) requires a little help from her daughter, Alexis.

During the first step, the tennis pro said she takes off her everyday makeup using coconut oil. The star uses two different layers to make sure everything is completely off. Serena says if she could only do one step, it would be this one. She also said she sometimes lets Alexis get in on the fun.

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“Olympia, who is my daughter, actually does the routine with me. And it’s safe for kids too,” Serena told the camera. “She’s only 1 ½ and she loves it.”

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For the next part, the celebrity slathers her skin with Vitamin C (her favourite serum costs a cool $250). “I just do a couple dabs and I always give Olympia some dabs,” she explains. She follows it up with an eye mask, which she often leaves on for upwards of 20 minutes- Serena adds she likes to watch a movie or TV with her daughter during this time.

For the final part of her routine, Serena finishes off with a moisturizer. “I tend to have more combination-dry skin so [an] enrichment cream is really, really good for me,” she explained.

We love the fact that Serena finds time to do self-care like a skin routine every day yet also manages to get her toddler involved. Talk about multi-tasking! It’s important for moms to not sacrifice the things they love doing, but rather find a way to incorporate it into their lives.

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Serena and her husband Alexis Ohanian have been married since 2017, which is also the year of their daughter’s birth. The two met at the Cavalieri hotel in 2015 and, well, the rest is history.

“It’s just been so amazing to have him in my life and to have my daughter in my life as well,” Serena said of her husband shortly after they were married. “He has done so much for the family and for us…it’s all new to me.”

Since the start of their relationship, fans have been impressed by how supportive Alexis is of his wife’s athletic career. You can often find him courtside at her matches and tournaments.

“A full 50 percent of men expect their career to take precedence over their wife’s,” he once told Glamour about dating a successful woman. “I know this is real, because I’ve seen the tweets and comments about how being less successful (or doing what is traditionally considered ‘women’s work’ and caring for your kids) can be ’emasculating.’”

Alexis added, “To me, that says more about the guy than anything else.”

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