10 Parenting Rules Serena Williams Follows

Serena Williams is a multi-winning Olympic gold medalist and a professional tennis star. Williams is known for being a positive role model on and off the tennis court. And when she and her husband, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, welcomed their baby girl Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. into the world in September 2017, fans were excited to see Williams take a new role as a mother. And with Williams still winning on the tennis court we want to know her secrets and parenting rules she follows at home! So keep reading to see how Williams is off the court and is as a parent!

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10 Find A Supportive Community

The old saying is true, it takes a village to raise a child. And Williams knows how important it is for people to find others that can help support you and your baby. Sure these people may not be around 24/7, but it is when you need them and they are there that is important.

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It’s the people in your life that will give you words of encouragement when you feel down or when you are really stuck and they can babysit at the last minute, these are the people you want in your life.

9 Expect Mistakes

You and your little ones are going to make mistakes, especially if this is your first child. It is important for you as a parent to let your kids try and fail and to teach them what is correct. So the next time your baby makes a mistake, praise your little one for the effort they made! And as Moms, all you want to do is to make the right choices for your baby, but just like your little one makes mistakes are going to happen. So next time you buy the wrong baby food they don’t end up liking, just take a mental note and go back to being in the moment!

8 Be Flexible With Certain Things

Kids can be wild and unpredictable. And any Mom knows they can also be very opinionated about certain things. Sometimes all your little one wants to do is were their favorite playtime costume all day or they don’t want to run errands with you because they only want to go to the park.

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But being flexible with your kids and at least meeting them halfway can really help them do the things that they didn’t want to do. And no, we are not saying to cave into everything that they want, but to understand that they just want to have fun as they grow up.

7 Don’t Put To Much Pressure On Your Child

Williams knows how much effort, time, practice, and hard work goes into being extraordinary in your field. And that is not a pressure that she wants to put on her child, especially at a young age. As Moms, we need to find the right balance of pushing our kids to be their best, and not crossing the line of them feeling overwhelmed. Your kids need to know that you will support them even if they try their best and fail. And if your kids do want to participate in some sports or activities to not overbook them and do only one activity at a time.

6 Take One Day At A Time

Once you find out you are expecting a baby, parents can get carried away and start fantasizing about what their kid's life will be like. Maybe there was a sport you played you want to teach your kids or even a college where you went and met your spouse and you know your kids would love to go there too.

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While all of this is great to think about, Williams knows that it is important to focus on the moment. Your kids will only be little once and you want to make sure to enjoy every day with them.

5 Create A Routine

Williams knows there are some things you just need to go with the flow when it comes to parenting. But she also knows that there are certain things that you need to create a routine to set up your little ones for success. Some things that Williams likes to set up as a routine are naps, meal times, and bedtime. With having these meals and sleep time at a set time, it can help your children not be grumpy or upset because they skipped a nap for the day. Also, it will help your kids know what is coming up next in their day!

4 Get Active With Your Kids

As a professional tennis player, we know that Williams loves to get outside and play with her her daughter. And spending time with your little ones at the park or even in your own backyard is great to get your little one active and to get your heart pumping too.

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Getting active with your kids is a great way to build memories with them too that they will cherish forever. So take a note out of Williams parenting book and spend some time with your kids while you all play around.

3 Let Your Child Be Curious

Williams knows how important it is for your little one to be curious and to discover things on their own. And even though it may get a little frustrating having to answer a thousand questions in a span of five minutes from your kids, it is only because they are still trying to figure out the world that they live in. Instead, be happy that your little one wants to learn and discover new things. So take your kids to places that encourage it like kids museum or library and let their little brains work wonders!

2 Teach Your Kids Independence

Independence is necessary for every parent to teach their kids so they can grow up to be successful adults. And Williams is a type of parent that wants to teach her daughter about being independent of her parents at a young age.

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Independence will help your kids become more sociable without you and teach them confidence when you are not around. So whether it is teaching your kids how to make their own bowl of cereal or picking out their own clothes, these small steps are a great foundation for independent children.

1 Embrace Your Children For Who They Are

It is amazing to see how different each child can be. And this even includes siblings who can act completely different from one in other. And Williams believes that you need to embrace who your children for who and how they are. So if you are a shy, silent child don’t try to force them to be more outgoing. And if your child is like Williams' daughter and is more of a wild child then hone in your kids energy through activities instead of constantly telling them to be still.

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