Serena’s Husband Alexis Ohanian Quits Job To Make The World Better For Daughter

Serena Williams' husband, Alexis Ohanian, just quit his job to make the world better for their daughter. His new role as a father has affected him profoundly, and he is using that for the greater good to hopefully help other families.

Reddit co-founder Ohanian just announced he is leaving the company, so he can focus on creating a better world. The birth of his daughter has changed his way of thinking about the world. After 16 weeks of paternity leave, his perspective on life is completely different. Alexis Jr. and Serena are now his number one priority in life, and giving them the best life possible is what is most important to him.

Ohanian is not just leaving Reddit to be with his little girl, but to also help make the world a better place for her. Although he will remain on the board at Reddit, he will now spend his time his firm, Initialized Capital. Ohanian will use the firm to invest in companies that matter, helping to ensure policies that help families and improve the world one step at a time.

"As a new father of a five-month-old little girl, I want to make sure the world she inherits is as great as possible. This depends on the entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow building companies that truly matter," he wrote in his career-change announcement.

One policy he is adamant about changing is paid paternity leave for fathers. It is a policy he has always believed in. However, after being fortunate enough to take weeks to be with his wife and child after a complicated birth, he is even more determined to change the other's views on policy. Family friendly policies will likely be his number one focus as he embarks on his new career.

As Serena Williams makes her comeback to professional tennis after having baby Alexis, her husband is also making some changes. His new career move will allow him more time with his daughter and the ability to be on the road with his famous wife.

Ohanian is proving men can make changes and sacrifices for the sake of their families, too. Williams has yet to comment on her husband’s new career, but she has always been his biggest supporter, so no doubt she is behind him 100%!

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