Seth Meyers’ Son Was Born In Their Lobby

Seth Meyers’ son was born in the lobby of his apartment building on the floor and it is literally one of the best stories we have ever heard.

There is no doubt Meyers is one of the funniest people on television. Well, the other night on his show Late Night With Seth Meyers, he told a story that is so unbelievable it would only happen to him. His son, Axel Strahl, was born on the floor in the lobby of this New York City apartment building.

Meyers’ wife Alexi Ashe went into labor and things progressed rather quickly. Ashe told her husband and their midwife she was pretty sure she was not going to make it to the hospital. Even though she told her husband the baby was coming, the comedian did not believe her at first.

“I'm trying to calm her down. I know because I've been through exactly one birth. I'm like. This happens all the time,” he shared with his audience on Monday night.

His wife assured him the baby was not waiting and in fact was in the process of being born right then...  yes, little Axel was ready to make his entrance.

“I looked at my wife, and the only way I could describe was she looked like someone who was hiding a baby in a pair of sweatpants,” Meyers explained while laughing.

He ended the story by explaining he had a lot of help during the delivery. Along with the midwife, family, and friends, a couple of New York firefighters and police officers were there. The late night host even shared a photo he took with all of them.

Seth Meyers has one heck of a story to tell little Axel when he gets older. Both of the comedian’s sons came into the world with interesting birth stories. Although 2-year-old Ashe was born at the hospital, he was almost born in an Uber. The couple made it to the hospital just in time to make a rush to the delivery room.

Congrats to the entire Meyers family on the new addition, baby Axel! Thankfully mom and son are doing just fine after his dramatic delivery.

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