Seven reasons why pregnant women are sexier

Feeling and looking sexy during pregnancy is a contentious issue. Many women resent the pressure to look as fantastic as the celebrities and reject the nonsense, while some strive to achieve unrealistic physical goals that leave them feeling inadequate, unsexy and unattractive. However when a pregnant woman is feeling healthy and happy, she is effortlessly sexy and incredibly sensual especially in the eyes of her partner.

Even if you feel none of the above it is guaranteed that the man or woman in your life will feel differently. Below are a few reasons why women in pregnancy are another level of sexiness that may be short lived but should be celebrated and enjoyed to the full, before the night feeds with your newborn become a reality.

7 Skin/Glow

People often talk about a 'glow' that pregnant women have as there is some ethereal gift from mother nature given only to pregnant women that cannot be explained. Family members may tell you that you have it while their eyes glaze over and they stare at you adoringly. Ok they might not be that intense but if you ask them what they mean, most will try to explain that there is; " just a radiance" about you that only pregnant women emit.

There is more to it than that and the pregnancy glow is a physiological one caused by the changes occurring to your body.The shine on your skin that gives off a 'glow' is down to the following three things.

  • An increased volume of blood in the body
  • This is what gives your cheeks a rosy glow along with an increased heart rate ,which is common in pregnancy given the extra energy it takes to carry your unborn.
  • Increased secretion of oil glands
  • Gives the skin a waxy sheen and can cause acne. However your skin will be smoother and softer than before.
  • Increased levels of progesterone

Progesterone is also responsible for giving your face a pinkish glow. The skin also retains moisture and plumps up, which has the added bonus of smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.

The 'Mask of Pregnancy' is a give away sign that a woman is expecting but is not always welcomed. Increased levels of pigmentation produce Melasma which causes a darkening of the skin. While this can give a desired tanned appearance it usually presents more as dark spots usually on the forehead and cheeks.

If you have freckles and moles they may also appear darker and it is worth keeping a check on them. If they change size then it is advisable to see your GP. Your skin is extra sensitive during pregnancy so it is advisable to use a sunscreen of at least SPF 15 when in the sun. Wearing sunscreen all year round is great for the skin to protect against damaging UVA rays. A sunscreen will also prevent further dark blotches appearing which can be increased with exposure to the sun

6 Boobs

Breasts are beautiful and sexy regardless of size but for smaller chested women the increase in bust size sometimes referred to by men as ; " a visit from the titty fairy", when pregnant can be a welcome change to their figures. However acquiring a fuller bust must take a bit of getting used to especially when it comes to buying new clothes. Smaller chested women may enjoy the experience of shopping for new bras and wearing lower cut tops to show off their newly acquired cleavage.

During your first trimester your breasts will become swollen and enlarged because of increased levels of estrogen and progesterone. Your boobs can continue to grow throughout your pregnancy. 

One of the first signs of pregnancy is tenderness in your boobs and can last throughout the first trimester. After six to eight weeks your boobs can get bigger and may increase by a cup size.

Wearing a properly fitted bra maybe one size bigger to allow room for growth, will help to keep you more comfortable. Tenderness in your breasts will usually subside after about six weeks.

A woman's breasts are not the primary source of her sexuality and when they begin to be used for their actual function, feeding a baby, women can cease to view them as alluring. However before your baby arrives it is great if you can enjoy a newly more curvaceous body.

For women who feel sexier with a larger chest and the who couldn't care less, their growing chest is even more seductive to a partner. Realizing that your body is at it's most curvy, buxom and sensual is important and should be recognized and enjoyed for as long as it lasts.

5 Goddess appeal

Your pregnancy is a time to demand to be treated like a Queen, who cares if millions of women have all gone through the same experience, they are not you and you should demand reverence. I'm not suggesting having a bell by your side at all times but if you have a loving and supportive partner they will want to pamper you, so let them. As far as they are concerned you are now Goddess like because of the sacrifices you will have made to keep yourself and your unborn child healthy.

Ok so you might not be a lentil munching earth mother model of perfection and his/her expectations of you are probably getting under your skin, but their new found respect for you should be used to your advantage.

Your partner will want to run your bath, rub cream or oils into your skin and massage you because in every other respect you are doing all the work. Many men and women are even more attracted to their pregnant partners because of an admiration for what they are going through.

Pregnant women are admired to varying degrees in different countries. In India when a woman becomes pregnant she and her unborn baby are considered to be the most important part of the family and are treated as such. In Sweden they regard pregnant women as individuals and believe it is disrespectful to talk to a pregnant woman only about her unborn child. They believe that the woman doesn't cease to be a person in her own right just because she is having a baby.

However you feel about being pregnant you will be revered by your partner so now is the time to realize your Goddess like qualities and allow them to serve you.

4 Bump

People are fascinated by a big pregnant belly and you may get requests to touch your bump. If this isn't for you then you shouldn't be afraid or embarrassed to say so straight away. Just because you are pregnant doesn't mean you relinquish ownership of your body. Some women don't mind when it comes to their own family but don't want the attention from strangers ,others love the attention and acknowledgment of their pregnancy.

Men's biological desire is increased towards a pregnant woman as they will feel the need to protect. These desires can also be present in men who are not the father of the woman's child.

Dr Louann Brizendine author of 'The female brain ' and 'The male brain' , say's that pregnant women give off pheromones suppressing testosterone in their partners and producing prolactin. In evolutionary terms this may result in a man being more productive and supportive of his partner making him want to stay to care for her and the child.

So your baby bump can have a larger appeal than just the admiration of your partner and the fashion world has also realized that a pregnant belly can look great in clothes without having to be disguised. The idea that you should hide your stomach out of decency is an outdated idea probably shared by dinosaurs who also disapprove of breastfeeding in public. There have been some very beautiful pictures taken of pregnant celebrities over the years and stars like Demi Moore and Jessica Simpson have been pictured naked prowdly displaying their stomachs.

Many women are aware of the allure of a baby belly and how fantastic they look and there are lots' of clothes out there to cater to those who want to show off their bumps rather than conceal them. Long hippy skirts and short tops go well together as well as being comfortable and when worn with confidence a pregnant woman will look fantastic.

3 Curves

Gaining weight other than that of the baby in pregnancy is inevitable for most women. Some remain super slim with just a neat bump on show but for the rest there is added weight gain due to increased appetite and water retention. However in pregnancy the extra weight gain veers more towards all the right places; your hips, bust and bum. Some women would argue that they gained weight all over but there is a visible accentuation of a woman's curves in pregnancy that is undeniable.

The pregnancy figure is a beautiful Rubenesque silhouette which should be celebrated. You may feel like a beached whale but to your partner your added curves are incredibly sensual. He will be incredibly turned on knowing that the changes to your body are as a result of his virility.

A voluptuous body is incredibly sexy.There is a visible difference between being pregnant and being overweight and many women forget that, viewing themselves as

massive and overweight, no longer conforming to a socially acceptable female body shape. All women should remember the hypocrisy of society that celebrates the sexualization of the female form but shies away from a woman's body made pregnant by sex.

If you are feeling under confident and unsure of yourself try taking inspiration from the women in Latin America and Spain who demand stylish clothes to show off their fabulous pregnant figures. " We Latin women love to dress up"

Take a tip from those sexy latina's and be adventurous with your wardrobe. Dressing for a fuller, curvier figure doesn't mean drowning yourself in black. Below are a few suggestions for outfits that will flatter a pregnant figure.

  • Maxi dress

These dresses are great because of their empire line which means that the material flows from the bust rather than the waistline. They are available in a range of colors and patterns and are great for summer but can also be dressed up when it's cooler with a cardigan or shawl.

  • Smock tops teamed with cotton trousers

Trousers which are elasticated at the waist can be worn under your stomach with a smock over the top, giving a cool summery look which is comfortable and looks great. You may want to opt for a shorter style top to show off your bump and accessorize with a thin loose belt or scarf tied just below your stomach.

  • Low slung trousers and a man's shirt

A woman always looks sexy in a man's shirt and they are particularly flattering to your figure if you are bigger busted which includes most if not all women in pregnancy. Teamed with trousers the look can be dressed up or down with jewelry and heels depending on how you feel.

2 Hair

Your hair doesn't actually grow more when you're expecting, you just lose it at a slower rate. During pregnancy higher levels of estrogen prolong the growth phase of your hair over the shedding phase, resulting in less hair loss and thicker hair. Your hair may also appear shinier and thicker which will have a positive effect on your mood, we all know how great it feels when you leave a salon with great hair that looks healthy and conditioned.

A full head of gorgeous shiny hair is a sign of virility and has extra impact when seen on a pregnant woman. During your second trimester you may also notice faster growing nails.

There are plenty of great styles to try out for different lengths of hair, from layered Bob cuts to wearing longer tresses half up and half down with soft curls or tendrils to frame your face. With gorgeous luxuriant hair you may want to try a complete restyle but be careful with coloring your hair in pregnancy. It is advisable to wait until your second trimester because the first 12 weeks are a major developing time for your baby. Although there is no evidence to say the chemicals in colorants could harm the fetus, you should seek advice from your GP before using colors on your hair. If you do decide to dye your hair then doing a strand test will ensure that you don't get left with a full head of green hair.

There are lots of famous women to take inspiration from when deciding what styles to adopt, such as Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton. Both women sported long hair worn loose during their pregnancies and looked fantastic. However regardless of length, a head of healthy glossy hair matched with a sexy pregnant body will leave you feeling like a sexy mega hot mummy to be.

1 Sex drive

Along with every other concern, there should be no further pressure put on women to become overly conscious about their sexuality and sex appeal during pregnancy.The fact is, that to their partners, they are sexy and will now be even more so. To the rest of the world a pregnant woman is much more attractive than how she perceives herself to be, even if she doesn't feel it or doesn’t care.

Many women experience an increased sex drive and are much hornier than they were before they became pregnant. In the early weeks after conception, libido can increase because there isn't the concern over contraception. Increased sex drive can be down to a surge in hormones and although it may not last throughout your pregnancy, it's certainly welcomed by your partner when it occurs.

Sex can be much more intense because the woman has let go of inhibitions she may have held previously such as weight issues. Extra blood flow to the breasts and genitals can increase sensitivity and arousal and desire for sex.

Because she is now more carefree and confident about her body she and her partner can enjoy sex more and may even become more experimental in the process.

Sex can be more exciting and innovative than before because with your growing belly it will be necessary to try different positions to work around your bump. Spooning is great for optimum comfort and support for your bump. If you are considering using sex toys such as a vibrator, consult your GP first. For some women the later stages of pregnancy are easier because they no longer experience anxiety or morning sickness. No longer suffering the former ailments allows you to feel more sexy in spite of being bigger and to enjoy your sex life to the full.

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