Seventeen Respiratory Therapist At Clinic Have Babies All In The Same Year

Seventeen respiratory nurses at the same hospital all had babies in the same year!

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We love ourselves a good baby boom! There have been quite a lot of baby booms across the nation and each and every one of them make us so happy. There is so much sadness, hate, and violence in our world it is nice when positive news gets spread around! In the past few months we have had the opportunity to cover several hospital staff members who have had baby booms, fire stations that had a lot pregnant women, an elementary school where almost all of the teachers were expecting and now we learn about the respiratory therapists at the same clinic who all had babies in the same year.

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Seventeen respiratory nurses at the Riley Hospital for Children have all had children this past year. They all came together to take part in an adorable photo shoot for their babies. Well, I guess not all of the moms. Four of the moms couldn't make it to the photoshoot, but having 13 babies out of the 17 was still super awesome! Each of the babies wore a onesie indicating the order they were born in. This was for all of the mothers who gave birth from January 2018 - January 2019. There are a total of nine little girls and eight little boys.

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The women loved all being pregnant at the same time. They loved going through the same things and being able to sympathize with one another's problems. The women really loved being able to support each other. They are all very excited to be able to have their babies so close in age, so that that they can all raise their children together. All of the women said that it has been a lot of fun!

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Congratulations to all of the women who were blessed with beautiful babies! We hope that everybody continues to grow big and strong! Good luck ladies on your mothering adventure!

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