Cancer Warrior, Shannen Doherty, Shares Her Fears About Motherhood

Even as an all-powerful breast cancer survivor, warrior Shannen Doherty has one major trepidation - motherhood. Although, perhaps not for the reasons one would think, "But there’s fear there. Am I going to last five years? Ten years? I certainly wouldn’t want my 10-year-old burying a mother. I’ve always wanted a kid. But maybe I’m supposed to mother in a different way.” An harrowing sentiment, inconceivable to the average women. 

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Doherty, in a compelling and poignant interview with Health Magazine, shares her journey through breast cancer and a harsh reconstruction process, the adored actress talks about how it affected her relationships, learning to love her body again, and her goals for the future - including an intimate introspection into motherhood.

Health Magazine is candid in attending to the topic of children. “Before cancer, you were open about wanting a family. Has that changed?” Apart from her disclosure - an innate fear of becoming a mother with her future in question, Doherty gets real about her physical limitations. Indicatively, she is powerless. It is presently impossible for her to become pregnant as she's unable to get out of menopause. Doherty explains that it would require estrogen but has opted not to take hormone pills, asserting she cannot risk those levels rising. High levels of estrogen may increase the risk of cancer recurrence.

Egg donors and adoption are unquestionably being considered, but the emotional cost may be excessive for Doherty. Her struggle, in essence, is not limited to an intrinsic fear of dying but an ethical battle. Her perspective on an emotional level is altered forever. The decision is complex and so very personal. More empowered, she admits that she loves that her body is strong and has the ability to fight something as debilitating as cancer.

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Doherty, 47, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and spent nearly two years in treatment before announcing in April 2017 she was in remission. The “Beverly Hills 90120” actress said sharing the journey on social media helped her through the process.

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