Shay Mitchell Endured 33 Hours Of Labor To Deliver Newborn Daughter

Pretty Little Liars star, Shay Mitchell, had to document her 33 hours of labor before she was able to deliver her first daughter.

Shay Mitchell shared her newest video on Youtube. The video titled, My Labor and Delivery, is the 6th episode in the series. She has been documenting her pregnancy and she shared the most recent video about 24 hours after welcoming their first child together. She starts out the video by telling the viewers that her water is breaking and she was so glad that she was wearing an adult diaper because she was leaking everywhere. Mitchell had initially wanted to labor at home but once she started feeling a lot of pain she went to the hospital.

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The doctor checked her out and made sure that they could hear the baby's heartbeat. Everything looked great but the doctor told her that she was not ready to go into the delivery room yet. She was in labor for about 13 hours and she wasn't progressing like they were hoping she would be at that point, so they had recommended Pitocin. “Pitocin is used to make a labor move faster,” Mitchell’s doula explained, noting that there were some downsides with the drug as well. “The physical experience with the labor is completely different because the Pitocin labor is pretty rough.”

Her doula recommended that she try to get some rest before the drug starts kicking in because "sh** is about to get real." After about four hours her contractions were getting really strong but she wasn't quite ready to deliver her baby and she would have to wait longer. She really wanted the epidural, but her boyfriend, Matte Babel, did not agree on her getting an epidural. Babel believed that she shouldn't get one. He said that his mother didn't get one and there are millions of mothers who go through labor without one and so she didn't need one either. However, Mitchell never had anything against the epidural.

She ended up getting the epidural because the pain was so intense. She got the epidural and she still had a while until she was going to get to deliver her baby. “Shay’s water has been broken for 30 hours how, which increases the risk of infection,” her doula explained. “We are really trying to avoid a cesarean and doing everything that we can to help the labor progress.” About three hours after the doctors talked about having to get a c-section, she was 10 cm dilated and it was ready to give birth.

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The labor totaled in at 33 hours from the moment her water broke until the moment she was holding her daughter. She decided to not share the actual delivery but she did share several photos of her holding her daughter with her boyfriend Babel. Mitchell said, “This is definitely the most intense experience of my life. Matte and I are parents, and I can’t believe it and we thought pregnancy was a journey. I’m realizing we have just begun." The actress joked that she was 99 percent excited to meet her and 1 percent excited to eat something. Their daughter's name has yet to be revealed.

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