Shay Mitchell Addresses Backlash Over Attending Drake’s B-Day Party Days After Giving Birth

People just don't stop judging – either out of concern or sheer jealousy. They also don't spare anyone ever. But when Shay Mitchell, 32, became the target of negative comments on social media for partying with her boyfriend after giving birth to their first child, she correctly addressed the backlash.

Mitchell recently welcomed her first child with boyfriend Matte Babel about a year after suffering a miscarriage. Mitchell has maintained the utmost secrecy of her pregnancy, primarily because of her previous miscarriage. Even with her Instagram announcement of their daughter’s birth, she hadn’t revealed the newborn's face!

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But, recently, after being spotted at Drake's 33rd birthday bash on October 23rd, people on social media quickly went after her. So, she had to stand up to defend herself and her parenting skills.

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Never letting go...

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The Pretty Little Liars alum wrote on her Instagram story on Tuesday, October 29th, “I haven’t been really checking my comments that often, but apparently people are really upset that I left three days after having a kid to go out and party.” She added, “It wasn't three days, and she was with [my dog] Angel, so…"

In the footage, she scrolled through the negative comments and even read out a few! One said, “Wait. So you literally just had her and you’re more worried about clubbing with Drake? Wow." She then moved onto the next comment: “Mother of the year award right here! As if you seriously could leave your baby to go party? I hope the child’s aid looks into this and your abilities to be a good parent cause damn! Lacking some serious skills there sweety! #selfish.”

The Bliss author replied to another commenter by saying, “Days? Lol honey, just because I posted on that day doesn’t mean she was born on that day.” This hater called her “disgusting” for enjoying a friend’s birthday party “only days after her birth.”

Referring to her previous Instagram post, the lewd comment read, "Never letting go...’ ...except when there’s a party to go to, right?! Disgusting, leaving your newborn only days after her birth."

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As expected, Drake’s party was amazing! An insider spoke to US Weekly on how ravishing the Beís Travel creator looked at the party. They thoroughly enjoyed the party thrown by the rapper, and she absolutely didn't look like "she had just given birth." The insider added, "She was dancing and living her best life.”

Mitchell’s YouTube series, Almost Ready, had kept us posted on her journey through pregnancy and into motherhood. Before posting a video from the bash to her Instagram Story last week, she had shared a clip on her 33-hours labor and delivery.

Mitchell and Babel, who announced their daughter’s arrival on October 20, have yet to reveal her name. Finally, hats off to the new mom for perfectly addressing the parenting police instead of succumbing to them.

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