Shay Mitchell Admits She Has To Wear Diapers During Pregnancy

Former Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell talked openly in a YouTube video, as People reported first, about having to wear diapers during her pregnancy!

"This isn't even an ad for Depends. This is a full-on diaper," Mitchell said in a video that was posted to her YouTube channel last week.

The 32-year-old- who announced her pregnancy back in June- spent some time joking around with her gal pals, including her stylist, Monica Rose. This was for a video that was later posted to her Almost Ready series online. Mitchell can be seen in the video discussing her pregnancy.


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via People

She tells her friends that she's frustrated with how often she has to urinate. At one point, she asks the group if they want to see something while they're busy choosing clothing for a photo shoot. Mitchell then proceeds to "show off" a somewhat-stylish nude-colored adult incontinence diaper that she had been wearing under her dark-colored pants, with no one the wiser until she blew her own cover.

“Honestly, guys, I’ve never known that somebody could pee as much as you do when you’re pregnant,” Mitchell told her friends, going on to explain that the night before she probably got up to use the restroom about 22 times.

At that point, her stylist said that she had never seen that in her life, and she had three children herself.

via People


Having said that, it's really not all bad news. Mitchell says that she's never had more confidence while wearing a bikini before. In addition, she and her boyfriend, Canadian TV show host Matte Babel, seem very much in love.

“Watching the both of you grow over the past 6 months has been the most beautiful thing in the world,” Babel wrote on social media.

The couple have already revealed that their baby is a girl after a very unique and very cute Power Rangers-themed gender reveal video. Congratulations, you two!

What do you think of Mitchell's "too" open and honest attitude? Let us know in the comments!

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