Shay Mitchell Hosts Baby Shower At Strip Club, Gets Lap Dance

Shay Mitchell is expecting her first child. Originally she didn't want to have a baby shower but she decided to host one at a strip club and even accepted a lap dance from one of the dancers.

Baby showers are a way to shower the expectant mother with gifts, love, and compliments as she is about to embark on her new journey as a mother. Baby showers are usually wholesome activities filled with silly party games, yummy treats, pleasant decorations and all of your favorite people. Most baby showers are kid-friendly and mothers bring their own babies to join in on all of the festivities. Pretty Little Liars, Shay Mitchell decided to go against the social norm and have a wild baby shower that was certainly not ordinary.

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Instead of enjoying a pleasant family friend baby shower, Mitchell took her baby shower to an all-new level of creativity and brought all of her friends to a strip club to help her celebrate her new baby. Her baby shower seemed more like a bachelorette party! Originally Mitchell really didn't want to have a baby shower because she didn't want the typical baby shower. She changed her mind to have a baby shower when she realized she could do something a little bit different. She decided to call her baby shower Not Your Average Baby Shower. Mitchell and her friends (some of whom are pregnant also) dressed in pink dresses and walked into Avalon Hollywood to see Magic Men Live!

When the girls walked in they were escorted to their reserved private section. The section was completely decorated with pink balloons and it spelled out "baby girl" and then Mitchell called her baby the "baby bachelorette." The women sat down to watch the show while they ate pink cupcakes and sipped on large baby bottles. The women were having a great time screaming at the men as they ripped off their clothes in front of the ladies. Mitchell was called up on stage to receive a lap dance and she happily ran up there! She jokingly said, “Oh my God. I’m going into labor!” She smiles as she fans herself. While she was getting her lap dance, Mitchell's boyfriend, Matte Babel, had no idea where the ladies were for their night out. He text her asking if she was having fun and also asked if they needed any snacks.

Mitchell and Babel announced their pregnancy back in June when she announced on Instagram. She showed off her belly and shared that she was very excited to be able to be pregnant with their baby. Mitchell is looking forward to having a daughter. The last few months she has shared plenty of pictures of her belly getting bigger! We hope that the rest of her pregnancy goes well and she is able to deliver a healthy baby girl!

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