Shorten Your Labor Pains in These Amazing Ways

Are your days to go into the delivery room near? Does your heart skip a beat when you think of that final day? Don’t panic when you hear the term labor pains. The first stage of these pains often lasts around 15 hours for most mothers. Please bear this in mind as you try to reduce their duration. It will help you set achievable goals and not end up with disappointments and frustration.

A lot has been said about labor pain. But we have to ask, what comes to your mind when you hear it? What is the true meaning of this term? The word labor in itself describes physical exertions that one experiences mostly when performing a hard task. The task at hand here is giving birth. Therefore, you have to be prepared for the task ahead.

Manage its magnitude by being fit. Women who yell and do all sorts of cursing in the delivery room are the unprepared ones. How do you expect to finish a 5000-meter race when you don’t even practice on finishing a 100-meter race? The trick is running and learning daily. At the end, you will run finish the whole race!

Now to the good news: get ready to slash the pain by a whopping 50 percent! Yes, cut it in half. It will require your determination and consistency but we are certain in the end, you will have lots of amazing stories to share with your pals. By following the steps below, be certain to have a smooth birth without much pain.

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15 Get Prepared

Approach giving birth just like an exam: you have to be prepared and aware of various tricks. As we all know, information is power. If this is your first pregnancy, read lots of books, articles, and journals about giving birth. Make sure they are positive stories that encourage you that all is well. Pick ones that inform you more about your body and how it functions.

Go to the right doctor. Take your time to evaluate the available options. It is best advised to start looking for a doctor halfway through the pregnancy since you may discover that the number one choice doctor is not taking up more patients. Choose a doctor whom you are free with and one you trust. Remember to talk to the medical insurance agency regarding your pregnancy. Erase all feeling of anxiety or tension since they stimulate the body to produce adrenaline which slows the birth process. A good example is this article. Having read it, you now know the consequences of being tense.

14 Put Your Burger Aside

A change in diet is inevitable. Foods rich in fiber and roughage will come in handy. They aid in digestion, thus allowing the body ample time to extract minerals easily. From research done earlier, it has been proven that dates are crucial in easing the birthing pain. They allow room for cervical dilation giving the baby more space for passage. So, from now on, add dates to your shopping list. You will realize their essence in the delivery room.

Always bear in mind that you are eating for two. The infant extracts all food requirements from your meals. Good nutrition helps in growth and development of the baby. The daily diet should consist of foods rich in calcium and iron. From research done earlier, it was noted that babies inherit eating habits from their mothers. From here on, they adjust to make up for the missing nutrients. For example, the insulin and glucose levels respond with the glycogen intake of the mother.

13 Exercise on a Regular Basis

It’s important to keep fit. Delivering a newborn is physical work just like any other. Therefore, you must be fit for your muscles to flex easily. Although walking might not seem like exercise, get enlightened today. It really helps expectant mothers to have a better delivery. It opens up the lower body muscles.

Consider enrolling for yoga classes. Take advantage of the ample free time that you have and explore this area of yoga. Remember that your boss is eagerly waiting for you to get back to work and this might be the only chance. Yoga helps straighten your body and keep the pelvis open. Additionally, it aids in the coordination of the body and breathing. Relaxed breathing relieves tension. Prenatal yoga: have you heard about it? If not, pay attention. It is a genre of yoga that was specifically invented to assist pregnant women. It requires lesser energy but it is highly efficient.

12 Ensure the Environment is Right

We are all social beings. The body tends to function well when surrounded by familiar and friendly people. Make sure you're used to the doctor or midwife in the delivery room--one whom you trust to bring your little someone to this world. Having a close family member by your side is also advisable. However, choose this person carefully. An older sibling, your partner, or even your mother could all be good choices.

They need to be strong and if possible, experienced. The sweet words of encouragement they offer play a role in relieving tension even unconsciously. A serene and peaceful environment gives a peace of mind, helping your concentrate on the baby. Our brains perceive the surrounding environment and respond appropriately. Therefore it has to be a safe, quiet place with familiar persons. Needless be told, there has to be privacy so make sure the door is locked. You never know--a madman may come in running!

11 Stay at Home

We all know that hospital feeling; that smell that makes you feel even sicker. We all don’t want to feel as though the baby is coming out the next minute. Why don’t you avoid this by prolonging your stay at home if your contractions are below one minute long? Here, you will be in your comfort zone with the only smell being that of your favorite air freshener. You can also have plenty of drinks and light foods without any restrictions not having to walk all the way to the hospital’s cafeteria. The siting criteria will also not be confined to a bed.

Make sure you sit in an upright position whenever you feel the pain. However, if the pain’s length increases to more than 1 minute and 3-5 minutes apart, consider commencing your journey. Take note of the distance and hospital delays that may arise. Otherwise, feel free to stroll around the house with the minor pains.

10 Prepare the Baby for Their First Breath

When giving birth, the baby’s head should have turned downwards and positioned itself next to the pelvis. During the first trimester, the zygote moves freely in the belly. It’s tiny and has only begun forming. However, during the last stages, the skeleton has formed and needs to be in a comfortable position. The back side around the butt provides the required space, hence the baby turns downwards.

Assist them to get into this position by sitting upright and avoiding heavy belly movement in the final weeks. Take birth classes. Get to know more about your baby even before it’s born. Learn how it survives down there and what it needs. Fulfill them in any way possible and be ready to give birth to a healthy charming kid. Avoid leaning backward on the couch and sleeping on your back. Remember that if the baby is well positioned, he/she will come out guns blazing, giving you an easy time.

9 Forget Everything Else

Let your mind be clear of any thoughts. Neither expects the worst, nor the best. Instead, have an open mind. This will prepare you psychologically and mentally. If there are any troubling thoughts, be sure to air them out.

From past experiences, midwives have taken the lion’s share in the prenatal advisory sector. They are in a better position to offer you advice since they fully understand what you are going through. Plus, you can be as frank as possible with them. If you have any nagging query concerning your pregnancy, see a midwife. They provide a personal professional status by being friendly through communication.

A shared problem is half solved. Stress during pregnancy interferes with the production of birth hormones, oxytocin, increasing the chances of complications. Approach it positively and surely you will have a positive delivery. This is your time! The time to kick out that protruding belly and start working on regaining your sexy figure.

8 Enjoy Your Massage

It’s perfectly safe to have a massage during pregnancy. However, it’s even safer when there is a written permit from your doctor. They can aid in recommending a good certified masseur for you. Regularly, have a trained masseur employ their skills on you. Massaging helps the body relax and release tension. This comes in handy when labor pains begin. Your body needs to relax fast before the next contraction begins and if it’s something you are used to, then it will respond appropriately.

The release of oxytocin can also be stimulated by the sense of touch. A trained masseur will know all the right parts to caress, press, or even pull, enabling your body to be flexible. He will advise you on the sitting positions that support the baby and those which don’t. Consider eating a light meal before the massage. The key to reducing pain is having good and uniform uterine contractions. Together with your support, they push the baby out.

7 Use Breathing Techniques

A simple and efficient way to relieve tension is breathing. Inhaling large amounts of air and releasing it easily is one way to do it. Others prefer small controlled amounts of air in and out in a rhythmic pace. Whichever the case, make sure you practice on breathing. This enables it to be an automatic response to pain.

Being in a relaxed state allows you to feel in control and provides a sense of well-being. Enough oxygen in the body allows the muscles to relax hence enabling the pelvis to open without any restrictions. Controlled breathing gives you time to prepare to push. The doctor will tell you when to push and when to hold your breathing. During the initial stages of labor, slow breathing does the trick but when you become tenser, a faster rhythm is better. Keep the mouth moist by drinking enough water or any drink of your choice even during labor.

6 Say a Prayer

Whether it’s at home or there on the hospital bed, don’t forget to invoke your Creator. A sense of belief that some other force that is greater than you is by your side goes a long way in boosting your confidence.

Coming along with the package is peace. Peace for the mind. Peace for the soul. Peace for the baby. Prayer gives us hope and strength to face the future. You get to realize that The Lord has great plans for success and prosperity for us in store. He always gives us strength and courage to face whatever challenges that come our way. Prayer helps us feel assured that what we are doing is right. Just like a baby, whenever he does something with the parents’ permission, he is not worried about the consequences. The lord says we are all His children. Just tell Him what is troubling you and rest assured it will be all right. So, do remember to mumble a few words.

5 Aromatherapy

As the word suggests, it’s about the aroma. Change the hospital’s smell by burning good, smelly oils. Almost all hospitals have that common smell that’s brought by the combination of drugs. It is definitely not appealing since it’s a constant reminder that you are in a hospital. Choose your favorite smell or inquire about it from the nurses. They will advise you on the available options and whether you are allowed to bring your own oil burner.

Safety measures must also be put in place where open flames are being used. You don’t want to start a fire in the hospital. On the question about health risks of oil burners, you can opt for electric burners that don’t emit any smoke. However, if you are using the burners at home, ensure the electric system is fixed properly and regularly inspected by qualified electricians. A familiar smell helps the mind calm down and relax.

4 Positive Thinking

This is the best way to approach any task: telling yourself you can do it actually helps you do it. Take courage from the fact that you are neither the first nor the last to give birth. Others have undergone the same and emerged stronger on the other side. Think of the person you adore, your female mentor. They, too, have gone through it and made it. There is not much difference between you, so be confident. You can do it, if not better.

Our body is interconnected. It receives instructions from the brains and responds accordingly. When you believe you can do it, signals are conferred to the reproductive system. Enough fluids are secreted and the pelvic bone will automatically begin opening. The better the instructions, the larger it opens. Focusing all your energy to one point is also beneficial. It ensures there is not much energy loss from the body, increasing the chances of having a straightforward birth.

3 Hydrotherapy

The feeling of water rushing down your body from head to toe is refreshing. Mostly for pregnant women, it helps you feel relaxed, drawing attention from the pregnancy to the sensation that comes along with the shower, especially when it’s a cold one. You might not have had a cold shower since the days in high school but try reminding yourself of the feeling. It’s uncomfortable for the first few minutes but once you get used to the water, it feels like heaven on earth.

You can feel the movement of that string of water all the way down which is one of the reasons why a head shower is preferred to a bath. Take as much time as possible in the shower. Although the water bill might go up in those nine months, you will have a perfectly understandable reason to tell your other half. Being upright helps with positioning of the baby which is a plus.

2 Hire a Doula

These are special God-sent people. They help a pregnant mother during her most trying times in childbirth. Mostly they engage in intense genuine talks with the expectant mother where the mother expresses her fears or thoughts on childbirth. Being a doula is a profession and one has to undergo some training. Therefore, when consulting a doula, be certain that you will receive on point advice. They help women talk out things that are stressing them and ask questions where they don’t understand.

This reduces stress by acting as a leaning shoulder. Unlike a midwife, however, doulas don’t offer medication or medical advice. They are there to provide mental, psychological, and spiritual support. Tell them what makes your world go around and what makes it stand still so they provide the best possible advice. Keep their contacts in your speed dial, so that whenever a problem pops up, you can easily contact them.

1 Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

The government is always telling us to embrace new technology. Well, there is a pain reduction machine that can come in handy for pregnant women who are in labor. Have you ever tried repairing a broken socket, but you end up receiving an electric shock? That’s more or less how this machine works.

Several electrodes, mostly four, are attached to your back, and you are given the control unit where you control the electric impulse on your body. During labor, similar electric signals are sent to the brain to enable it to perceive you are feeling pain. The now induced signals from the machine interfere and compete with the pain signals reducing their intensity. The brain is unable to perceive the pain signals, therefore, no pain is felt. However increasing the electric impulse from the machine continuously is not advisable. It’s better to turn it up and down to vary the intensity and allow the body to recover. This technology is genius, and should be embraced by all, not only pregnant women.

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