15Get Prepared

Approach giving birth just like an exam: you have to be prepared and aware of various tricks. As we all know, information is power. If this is your first pregnancy, read lots of books, articles, and journals about giving birth. Make sure they are positive stories that encourage you that all is

well. Pick ones that inform you more about your body and how it functions.

Go to the right doctor. Take your time to evaluate the available options. It is best advised to start looking for a doctor halfway through the pregnancy since you may discover that the number one choice doctor is not taking up more patients. Choose a doctor whom you are free with and one you trust. Remember to talk to the medical insurance agency regarding your pregnancy. Erase all feeling of anxiety or tension since they stimulate the body to produce adrenaline which slows the birth process. A good example is this article. Having read it, you now know the consequences of being tense.

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