15The Doctor is Rude

Some doctors, no matter how nice or understanding you are with them and their busy schedules, will just be rude to you, and that’s not something you need in your life. A disrespectful and rude OB just isn’t worth the time and effort. You should be looking to them for their

expert advice, but if they’re not flexible, or dismissive of your concerns, when talking to you about your choices, it may be time to look elsewhere for your medical needs.

You can generally tell how condescending or rude they’re going to be to you when you’re asking questions about your pregnancy, or asking about things that worry you, and they blow you off. Some doctors also seem to think they can judge your situation and try and pressure someone into medical procedures they don’t need, whether the doctor has the whole story or not.

Some doctors even judge patients based on their age. The stress that comes with a doctor who is unsupportive just isn’t worth it.

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