Kim Kardashian Faces Criticism After Putting Lipstick On Her Daughter

The Kardashian's are always part of some sort of conflict. Tabloids are ready to jump at any of their mistakes and are ready to critique their lifestyles, parenting choices, and fashion. Kim is certainly not new to being ripped apart by the media, she just knows that's part of being a celebrity. The most recent scrutiny that Kim has been faced with is her choice to put her daughter in lipstick. Kim and Kayne's daughter, North, is five years old. She was caught with lipstick and the world went crazy!

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Kim was totally mom shamed when people saw that she had put lipstick on her daughter. Kim was so confused, because her daughter had asked for the lipstick and she didn't see any harm in letting her daughter dress up. Of course, many people thought that North was way too young and that she was just letting her daughter grow up too quickly!


This is certainly not the first time that Kim has dealt with attacks from her "followers." When North was turning five she wanted to look really pretty for her birthday. North asked her mother if she could straighter her hair. North has very curly hair and so she never gets to see what it's like to have straight hair and so Kim decided to flat iron her hair. Her followers were in an uproar and were very rude about her choice. One mother said that she could smell her burning her hair from "here." And then another woman thought that Kim had given her extension. One person even started explaining that she was going to cause permanent damage to her daughter's hair. Kim was completley confused why everybody cared so much about the choices she was making with her daughter.

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Every mom has to deal with mom shamers. Everybody is always going to have an opinion and most people are not afraid to tell you that you are wrong. It would be hard to be in the spotlight every second of your life, because you wouldn't be able to do anything with your child without be attacked. Hopefully Kim is just brushing off all of the haters and raising her children to the best of her ability!

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