Should You Run Or Jog With Your Newborn?

Right after giving birth, there's a lot of things that a new mom needs to concern herself with. Should you breastfeed, use baby formula, or a mixture of both? What kind of sleeping schedule should your baby be on? How will you keep them asleep through the night? These are just some of the questions that will plague you as you begin your journey into motherhood.

But there's yet another question that will plague your mind that doesn't concern your newborn at all- how can you lose the baby weight quickly? It's not possible to rely on breastfeeding to help in your weight loss efforts because that might not work. You'll have to rely on good old-fashioned diet and exercise in order to reach a satisfactory number on the scale.

There are many different methods of exercise that you can pursue; but exercising while juggling the responsibility of caring for a newborn is no easy task. That's why it's often suggested to new moms to incorporate exercise into your daily activities with your baby. The best example of this is arguably by using a jogging stroller. Your newborn can take their nap while you squeeze in some form of exercise all at the same time. Talk about a win-win scenario for both mother and baby!

But there's a common debate amongst mothers concerning jogging strollers- is it safe for your baby? This unexpected debate might make you feel confused as to what to believe or what to do. It may even turn you off of buying or using a jogging stroller at all! But don't let the debate overwhelm you. We're here to break everything down so you understanding that a jogging stroller is okay after all.

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Before you begin going for runs, you should invest in a good jogging stroller. A regular stroller just isn't equip for the wear and tear that running brings, regardless of the terrain you intend to run on. A jogging stroller has adjustable shocks and larger tires, ensuring that your baby won't be bouncing around nearly as much as they would be in a regular stroller. Do your research into jogging strollers, and don't buy whatever is cheapest; this is an important investment that will affect your baby greatly.

Another important factor to consider prior to taking your baby for a run is whether or not they're old enough to handle such a vigorous activity. Most experts agree that you should wait until your baby is about six months old before they join you on runs in a jogging stroller. This is due to neck and spinal development that will have taken place by that point. So a newborn might not be able to handle a run, but they may be able to do so after several months of crucial physical development. Having said that, it's definitely best to consult with your baby's pediatrician on the matter because they'll understand your baby's health most. They'll be able to best judge whether they can handle such an activity or not.

One more thing to do is to ensure that your baby is to do everything you can to protect them from Mother Nature. It's not just rain, sun, or wind that you have to be concerned about; even bugs like flies and mosquitoes can make going for a run an unpleasant experience for your baby. Don't only take steps to protect yourself; make sure your baby has been protected, too. Mesh nets on the stroller will keep bugs and other pest at bay, while a sun canopy on the stroller will keep the bright rays off your baby. If the sun canopy falls short- or you don't have on on your stroller- baby sunscreen with an SPF of at least 50 will do the trick nicely.

While your newborn may not be able to handle going for a run or jog, your baby will be able to do so. If they're in a sturdy jogging stroller and are properly protected from Mother Nature's fury, they can enjoy this new experience. As for you, you'll now be able to go on a run with your baby in an attempt to lose that annoying, pesky baby weight.

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