This Mom Puts Shower Caps On Her Stroller’s Wheels To Keep Her Floors Clean & It’s Genius

This mom has just discovered a life hack that will lead to less floor mopping this winter season. In a viral Facebook post, she revealed that cheap shower caps are perfect wheel protectors for strollers! With this hack, moms don’t have to worry about stains from dirty, slushy snow.

While winters can be beautiful when the powdery snow falls, it turns to slush on the ground. Especially in cities, the squishy mixture of melting snow, dirt, dust, and whatever else is on the ground is ready to cling to whatever steps in it. They already cover our boots, and strollers are not safe either from the grey slush. Even if one is careful, the floors may still get stained with the nasty water. It’s even worse if the house is carpeted.

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Thankfully, this mom has given us a cheap and easy solution to protecting our floors during the wintertime. The UK mom shared on the Facebook group “Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK” a photo of her stroller with shower caps over the wheels. She bought them from Poundland, so each one cost just €1! Many users were intrigued by the photo, and they read her amazing explanation of the life hack.

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She puts the shower caps over the wheels of the stroller before she and her kids go outside. The waterproof material will allow the wheels to drive over slush on the ground without any problems. Moreover, any mud that will dry on the shower caps will flake off or can be easily scrapped off.

The best part is the shower caps are reusable, so if they get dirty, you can easily clean them if they get too muddy. However, if they’re not salvageable, replacing them would only cost €1. The cheap hack is actually so helpful to many moms who are trying to keep their carpets safe from dirty slush stains. They also protect your stroller from breaking, as caked-on mud can get stuck on the wheels and make them work less efficiently. We thank this mom’s creativity and cleverness for saving our floors and strollers!

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