Side Hustles You Can Do As A Stay-At-Home Mom To Make Extra Cash

When my husband and I got pregnant with our first child I really wanted to stay-at-home with my children. I wanted to be able to be there for all of their milestones and not have to worry about sending them off to some sort of childcare. Although I wanted to stay at home I really wanted to find a job that I could do while at home while still watching my babies. I have tried out quite a few side hustles that stay-at-home parents can do for some extra cash! I also have a lot of stay-at-home mom friends who have businesses where they make extra cash for their families while staying home with their kiddos. I would love to share some of those side hustles with you!

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Sell Things

This option might not be for everybody, but some of my friends sell stuff and they are killing it!

  • Plexus: My awesome friend Ashlin has two beautiful children. She had a really rough pregnancy and so she sought out for a product to help her through her struggles. She came across something called Plexus -the pink drink- that helped her. She now sells it to other people and her business has taken off! The Pink Drink was created by doctors and it was designed to help balance blood sugars, reduce inflammation, it is said to balance hormones and help with appetite. She can make extra money all while being at home with her kids! She also said she loves it because she is not only making money, but helping people too! You can learn more about Plexus here.
  • Usborne: Have you guys heard about Usborne books? The books are amazing! My friend McKay sells them and she does it all while having four children, one of which has special needs. She can watch her babies grow, get free books, and make some money! She sell books by getting friends to host parties and then she makes money off of the books people buy from the parties. The great thing about this is that these books are seriously so cool so she sells an awesome product. I have never ran across anybody who doesn't like Usborne books so it's not hard to convince people to love these books. You can check out more about this business here!
  • Create a Product to Sell: I wish I had a talent to create products for people to sell. I am not very crafty! I have a few friends who make or refinish furniture, make wood signs, crotchet cute outfits for newborns, or even make scrunchies! I also have one friend who designs t-shirts and her company is called Printed Peach She now sells her shirts on Jane.com! How cool is that! She designs, prints and sells the t-shirts and they do really well! If you have any creativity this is an awesome way to make some cash!

Answer Surveys

  • I did this for a long time. You can certainly make money and not all of them are scams. I have tried out several different websites and my favorite was Swagbucks.com. You can answer surveys, watch videos and even shop at other websites and receive Swagbucks. Then you can turn your Swabucks in for gift cards! It's pretty cool. I bought my husband a few presents with my Swagbucks money!
  • Test Websites: There is a website called UserTesting where you test out websites. I did this for a little bit. It does require a quiet work space and so it was a little difficult when I went from one kid to two kids. I did make about $100 in my first month though which was a lot more than I had ever made up to that point.

Online Teaching

  • VIPKID: So my friend Joslynn has been doing a really cool job! You have to have a Bachelors degree to be able to apply and it is best to get a mentor through the process. Joslynn can mentor you if you would like. This is a teaching job where you get to teach Chinese children how to speak English. You can do all of your work at home and you get to pick you own schedule. You get to work as much and as little as you want! They are always offering bonuses and incentives. It really is a cool company and she absolutely loves her job! You just speak to the child through a webcam and headset! You can do this before the kids wake up and then you can spend the rest of the day being a stay-at-home parent with your babies! You can check out VIPKID here! 
  • Adjunct Online Professor: If you have a Master's Degree there are many colleges that have online teaching positions where you only need a Master's degree to be able to teach at the college level!

Start a Blog

One of the biggest trends right now is to start a blog! There are many people who have blogs and they can be very profitable if you find the right niche and you know how to market your blog well! I decided to go on the blogging craze. I had a website all about home decor and fixing up my home. I decided to start it because I heard a woman who had only been blogging for a year and already had started making six figures. I was convinced that could me! I then realized that I was much better at writing then I was at keeping up with a blog! If you are interested in started a blog I started following a woman named Abby Lawson who runs the blog Just a Girl and Her Blog

Freelancing Work

  • Photography: I know a lot of people who run their own business by being a photographer. I have met photographers who charge anywhere between $150-$500 depending on the session and their experience.
  • Writing is the way that I have made a lot of money. I have my Master's Degree in Criminal Justice and I love to write. I found my first job at Upwork.com. I wrote for a lot of different companies doing a lot of different types of pieces. I have written for law firms, baby websites, financial websites, and I have even written about appliances and lawn mowers. Once I got a good portfolio I branched out and found a more secure job freelancing. I make a pretty good amount doing this and I get to spend time with my babies.
  • Virtual Assistant: I don't know much about this, but I know that you can make pretty good money. There are a lot of people who are running online business who don't have time to answer all of their emails, to keep up with their social media presence and to coordinate collaborations. They then hire virtual assistance to help them out!

If you have a work-from-home job that is not on this list we would love to hear about it!

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