10 Signs Labor Isn’t As Close As You Might Think

Being pregnant is one of life’s most interesting journeys, especially for those who are experiencing it for the first time. Expecting mothers are usually filled with excitement when they imagine the day that they will get to meet their new little baby.

In addition, that excitement can lead them to wonder what to expect when labor is near. There are a lot of signs that labor and delivery are not far off at all, and there are numerous things parents-to-be need to do before the baby arrives. But there are also some signs that labor is still far away.

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10 Mom Is Not Feeling More Restless Than Usual

Ladies need to try to get as much rest as possible before they go into labor and give birth to their little ones. But that’s usually not possible later in pregnancy, since getting rest can become difficult.

Nevertheless, it is even more difficult to rest when mom is going to go into labor in a day or two. So, ladies who are not feeling more restless than they have been for the last few weeks or so probably are not going to be giving birth any time soon, since that is one of the many signs that labor isn’t far.

9 Period Cramps Have Not Happened

Any woman is likely to agree that menstrual cramps are rather unpleasant, to say the least. But they are especially terrible when they’re unexpected. For example, women do not usually expect to feel as though they are on their period when they are pregnant.

But some expecting moms have been known to feel cramps that are similar to the ones they get when Aunt Flo pays a visit, and this usually is a sign that the baby’s birth is not far off. So, pregnant women who have not experienced this type of thing yet are likely not giving birth soon.

8 Contractions Are Not Evenly Spread Out

Nearly everyone has seen a movie or a television show that shows a woman going into labor. Usually, during these scenes, her contractions are evenly spread out, and they are able to be timed, and that is exactly how contractions are in real life when a woman is actually about to give birth.

But there is a tricky little thing called Braxton Hicks contractions, which is something that has actually fooled many pregnant women into thinking labor was coming sooner than they originally thought. Braxton Hicks contractions are irregular contractions that mean basically nothing, and they usually happen in the third trimester.

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7 Mom Hasn’t Lost Her Plug Yet

There are some surprising (and sometimes gross) things that tend to happen not long before a woman goes into labor. For example, one of the biggest signs that labor is just around the corner is when an expectant mother loses something called a mucus plug.

That has to come out before the baby does. This event is sometimes referred to as “lightening.” In other words, if a pregnant woman hasn’t lost her mucus plug, then she is not likely to go into labor anytime soon. This sometimes happens hours or days before labor begins, or at the beginning of it.

6 Mom Has Not Felt The Urgent Need To Go To The Restroom

It’s pretty much impossible to predict what labor will be like for anyone, since every woman and baby are different, and no two experiences are exactly the same. But there are some things that sometimes remain the same, and one of those things is that some ladies claim to have felt the urge to go number two right before or during the beginning of labor.

In fact, this is a really big sign that the baby is coming, While this isn’t a thing that every woman will definitely feel when the time comes, it’s something many of them have experienced.

5 Her Water Hasn’t Broken Yet

In the movies, one of the typical signs that a woman has gone into labor is her water breaking. But this is a slightly tricky sign of labor since it can technically happen after she has already started feeling strong contractions.

Nevertheless, it is usually a sign that mom is in or near the early stages of labor. Sometimes this feels like a gush, and other times it’s more of a light trickle. Also, sometimes it feels like a little pop. But anyway, pregnant women who haven’t experienced this yet are probably not about to have their babies anytime soon.

4 Mom Isn’t Shivering

The thought of shivering when it is not cold can be quite frightening to some people. But that is actually not something to worry about, at least when it comes to pregnant women who are nearly ready to give birth.

In fact, it’s normal for a woman to shiver before, during, and even after labor has ended. It’s not really that bad, and it probably sounds more dramatic than it actually is. When this happens, it usually only lasts for a couple of minutes. But if a pregnant woman hasn’t done this yet, she may not be close to labor.

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3 Nothing Has Dilated

The point in pregnancy when a woman begins to dilate can vary. For example, some women begin to dilate over a period of weeks before the baby is born, but first-time mothers usually do not begin to dilate until they are actually in active labor.

But the point here is that if an expectant mother has not yet started to show any signs that she is dilating, then that means she probably is not as close to the finish line as she would like to be. A woman absolutely has to dilate so that she’s able to give birth naturally.

2 The Baby Has Not Dropped

When a woman begins to reach the last few weeks of her pregnancy, her baby will drop. In other words, the child will get into the position they need to be in for the birthing process to begin.

The point in pregnancy during which this happens is different for a lot of women. For first-time moms, it can occur a few weeks beforehand. For moms who have had children before, it may not even happen until labor has actually started. Nevertheless, this has to occur before a mom can give birth naturally. If it has not happened, labor isn’t close.

1 Nesting Hasn’t Started

There is an old wives tale that claims that if a pregnant woman is suddenly feeling energized and wanting to clean and rearrange her home, she is about to have her baby. This is called nesting, and it is definitely a real thing that happens to many women right before they have their little boy or girl.

This instinct usually comes in full swing during the last few weeks of pregnancy. It is a pretty good indicator that birth is not far away. If it has not happened yet, that is a possible sign that labor is not that close.

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