10 Sure Signs Mom Is Ready For Baby Number Two

Some moms follow a “once and done” kind of rule when it comes to having children, while others know immediately that they want to have more than one child. There are certain ways that a mom might feel or certain things that may happen that can be either a major or subtle sign that can help them decide whether or not they are ready to have another baby. Things like getting excited about the possibility of being pregnant during a pregnancy “scare,” wanting a sibling for a firstborn child, or even just the love of being a mom are all signs that a mom is ready to try for another baby! Continue reading to learn 10 sure signs that mom is ready for baby number two!

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10 You Want Your Child To Have A Sibling

There can be some benefits to only having one child, such as saving a bit more money compared to having two or three kids, but sometimes moms wish that their firstborn had a permanent playmate. Someone that they could share special memories with and love unconditionally. Sometimes moms just wish that their child had a sibling to spend time with. If you find yourself in this predicament and are honestly thinking about making your child an older brother or sister, you may be ready for baby number two.

9 You Miss When Your Little One Was Younger

Children grow up in the blink of an eye. One day you are bringing them home from the hospital as a newborn and the next they are going off to college. Some moms wish that their child would stay a tiny baby forever. If your child has gotten a bit older and you find yourself really missing those beginning days when your little one was a newborn, it may be time for you to consider adding on to your family by either having another baby or adopting a child in need of a good home.

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8 You Feel Like Your Child Doesn’t Need You As Much (And It Makes You Sad)

As children grow and get older, they gain some independence and learn how to do certain things on their own. Some moms love the independence that their child gains as they grow. While  with other moms, the fact that their little one is growing up makes them feel like their baby doesn’t need them as much anymore and it makes them sad. If you find yourself missing when you had to do every little thing for your child, you may be ready to have another baby.

7 You Miss Being Pregnant… A Lot

Pregnancy can be a wonderful thing sometimes; minus the nuisances of morning sickness and having to use the ladies’ room every 10 minutes. It can be especially great the first time a mom-to-be feels her baby flutter and kick. Some women love the feeling of being pregnant while others seem to loathe it depending on their pregnancy symptoms. If you happen to be one of the moms who loved being pregnant so much that you wouldn’t mind doing it all over again, it may be a good time to start thinking about having another little one.

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6 You Even Miss Diaper Changes

While being on diaper duty isn’t most people’s cup of tea, there are some moms out there who really enjoy changing their little one’s diapers and savor every moment since babies grow up quickly. Plus, it gives mom and baby some extra bonding time. Purchasing diapers can become pretty expensive, but if that doesn’t bother you and you miss changing diapers now that baby has moved on to the big boy or girl potty, you may want to consider having another child.

5 You’ve Got Baby Fever (And It’s Bad!)

When a woman gets baby fever, it can oftentimes be hard to shake! It may seem like every little thing that you do makes you think of babies and may even make you wish that you had more than one child once your firstborn starts to get a little older. You may miss having an itty bitty newborn or even that new baby smell, which is actually a real thing. If you have baby fever, and you have it bad, you may be ready to start trying for baby number two!

4 Having A Pregnancy “Scare” Makes You Feel Excited

Most women have been through that frightening yet exciting pregnancy “scare” at least once in their life. Some women are filled with so much joy when they think they might be pregnant and get highly disappointed when it turns out that it was a false alarm. Other women are delighted when they realize that they aren’t pregnant. If you are one of the women who get very excited only to be let down, you are definitely ready to start trying to create a new life and add on to your family.

3 Talking About Having Another Baby Makes You Giddy

Looking at pictures of newborns and talking about babies can sometimes make some women completely excited. But some women hate the topic of babies and pregnancy for whatever reason. If one of your friends were to announce that they are pregnant and you get very excited talking about and telling your friend what to expect or give them tips about raising a child and get ecstatic, you might want to start thinking about having another child yourself. Perhaps you may even have a little bit of baby fever.

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2 Your Family Doesn’t Feel Complete… Yet

Sometimes when parents have their first child, they are grateful and excited about the new life that they have created. After they bring the baby home and he or she starts to grow up some, moms may start to feel like one baby just doesn’t make their family feel complete. They start wishing and hoping that they could start to expand their family. If you feel like maybe your family could use an addition in order to make your family whole, then you should really consider getting pregnant again. Some people know that they want more than one child right away while others feel the idea of having another baby comes to them gradually.

1 You Love Being A Mom

One great way to tell that you are ready for baby number two is the fact that you absolutely adore being a mom. Some women don’t feel complete until they have their first baby. But then sometimes one baby may feel like it just isn’t enough because they always pictured themselves having a larger family. Just for the simple fact that they love being a mother. If motherhood makes you feel complete, you are definitely ready to add on to your family and have another baby.

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