10 Adorable Signs Your Baby Loves You

When our babies are little they cannot communicate with us by talking. At times, then, it can be difficult to know what our little ones want or how they truly feel about us if they are not using words. Luckily, there are many little ways that our babies can still communicate their feelings with their body language and actions.

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It may not be the most efficient way for someone to show their love, but it’s the only way our babies know how. So, if you want to know how your baby shows that they love you, here are some of the signs to look out for!

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10 They Get Upset When You Leave

One of the easiest ways to tell how much our babies love us is how they react when we leave them. Often, you will see your little one getting upset and even start crying because they want to spend time with you.

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Babies figure that if they cry you will come back, pick them up, and not leave them. When you are rushing out the door to go to work it can seem frustrating that your baby is crying, but just know it comes from a place of love.

9 They Extend Their Arms To Be Picked Up

When your little one is on the ground you will notice that, at times, they will extend their arms to you because they want you to hold them. Your baby is trying to show their love to you by wanting to get as close as possible.

 Your little one is trying to spend more time with you, showing that they don't just love you, they trust you to hold them. The cuddlier they are, the more they love you!

8 They Won’t Look Away From You

Every parent has been there: you catch your baby staring at you intensely, refusing to look away. If they weren’t babies, this would definitely seem rude, but don't worry! When your bundle of joy does this, it is a way for them to show that they love you and they recognize you as their provider and parent.

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Sure, it can feel awkward for you to have your baby stare at you, but know that it's just because they love you!

7 They Show A Quick Smile

When our babies are little they can get distracted by anything, leading to hours of entertainment for them. But when they see you, your little one will flash you a quick smile to show that they love you.

Seeing your baby’s smile is always a great feeling and can make any day better.  We will take any smile we can get, even if it's just a brief one before they go back to playing with something else. Pay attention when your little one starts to smile at you, because you’ll start to notice they like giving quick smiles to show their love.

6 They Know Your Voice

At first, it will take a little while for your baby to recognize you as their parent. As time goes by, they will start to realize that you are their provider and you take care of them and love them. One way your baby will start to recognize you by is just the sound of your voice.

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Your voice will be the sound they hear every morning and every night, and they will know they are safe with you. Your little one will even start to get excited and start making noises when they hear your voice because they know that means their parent(s) is/are coming.

5 They Melt In Your Arms

Over time, you will start to notice that your little one will get more and more comfortable with you. It will even get to the point when you are holding them they will completely sink into your arms. This is the perfect sign from your baby that they love you and they want to get as close as they can to you.

The first time they melt into your arms it can be uncomfortable for you to hold onto them, in the awkward positions they put themselves in. Just know that the more they do this, the better you will get at holding them in uncommon positions.

4 They Talk To You

One of the cutest things that our babies can do is try talking. When they make their little sounds as they discover their voice and eventual words, it can make any parent fall in love with them all over again.

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When your baby starts to make sounds and try talking to you it is because they want to show their love. Of course, they still can’t form words, but they have a voice and they want to be heard! So, next time your baby starts talking, make sure to talk back to them so they know they are loved too.

3 They Laugh Around You

Hearing a baby laugh can make anyone melt. There is just something so sweet and pure about hearing our little ones laugh. If your baby loves to laugh around you, that is another sign that they love you.

It’s their laughter that is going to make your day better and make you smile. Laughter is their way of telling you that they feel comfortable around you and that you make them happy. So, when your little one starts to laugh around you for no reason, it's just a sign to show that they care.

2 They Check In On You

There will always come a time when our babies start to get more independent and want to start exploring their surroundings without you. You might find your little one crawling around the living room floor, figuring out more about their environment (which is where your baby-proofing comes in).

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You will notice, though, that every so often your baby will stop what they are doing to look back at you. This is because they want to make sure you are still around them and to show they care about where you are. Of course, when our babies start to get independent it can be hard for us, but our little ones will always make sure that we are with them.

1 They 'Dance' Around You

Babies will always have a unique way of expressing their emotions. One of the most adorable ways they show their emotions is when they dance. They may not have the best moves yet, but when your little one bobs and moves around, that is because you make them happy.

Next time you see your little one grooving, make sure to do a little dance with them, even if there is no music playing.

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