Signs You've Been Stretched Too Thin As A Parent

If you're anything like most mothers, then chances are you're probably feeling like you come last compared to all other mothers. You also feel as though there simply aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done- and even if you manage to do so, the workload will still be twice as much the next day.

If that sounds familiar, you're probably to the point (or almost) of burning out hard. If you're so overwhelmed that you can't even tell if you're stretching yourself way too thin, here are some things you should watch for.

  1. You're stressed to the max.

Your 3-year-old just asked you if you could play ball with them for the 20th time in the past hour, but you haven't been able to say yes because you've been trying to manage everything else. So you snap at them for asking to play with you so much.

Your 5-year-old is making silly faces to you and laughing so hard in the process. But you find yourself just sitting there, having to force your best fake laugh out just so their feelings don't get hurt.

The second you have a baby, your friends started dropping like flies. But it's to the point now that you have no idea what's going on in your friends' lives because you have no time or energy to find out or care.

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Your husband or partner just walked through the door, but your blood boils in an instant. After all, you know that means that there's now another person whom you have to look after (and another person to make messes you have to clean up).

Beside being a mom, you don't know what your favorite hobby is because you haven't had a hobby in years- other than working or taking care of other people. You might not even remember or enjoy any interests you had prior to becoming a mother.

Mom guilt is the worst type of guilt out there because even when it's unwarranted, it's still there. Even after a whole day of cleaning, cooking, working, wiping, consoling, refereeing, bandaging- all while being pulled on, whined at and screamed at- you still feel like you failed as a mom.

Mothers are like machines- when they're properly cared for, they have the ability to be unstoppable and unbreakable. But if you're someone who's "all give and no take," eventually your gas is going to run out, and you'll be impacted in more ways than one- as will your family. Self-care is more important than a lot of mothers realize. Even just taking one hour a week to go get coffee alone, work on a hobby, take a candle-lit bath without interruptions, or just going to sit in the car and putting music on- you need it, you deserve it. After all, you're the only one to reel yourself back in from being stretched out too thin.

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