How A Simple Activity Could Reduce Post-Partum Depression

Researchers have proven that women who are suffering from postpartum depression should go to the park regularly!

One of the hardest and loneliest times that women go through is right after delivering their first child. Welcoming a baby into the world is really hard. Not only do women deal with a drastic change in hormones, but their body is put through a lot. They are trying to recover from pregnancy and delivery, they are sleep deprived, and they have to figure out a "new life." They won't be able to do some of the same things that they used to enjoy, because they now have a little baby in tow. Post-partum depression is when women suffer from depression after giving birth to their child.

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More than 1 in 7 new mom's suffer from post-partum depression. They suffer a lot with isolation, loneliness and the feeling of inadequacy. All of these emotions are amplified when mom is sleep deprived and not being able to take care of her basic needs. Post-partum depression isn't just feeling a little bit blue after delivering a baby. Having post-partum depression can last for many years after giving birth.

For several years doctors and researchers have been trying to figure out the best methods to help with post-partum depression. Women have been encouraged to go on medication, counseling, or to join a positive emotional support group of young moms going through the same thing. However, a new study has come out that has provided a simple thing that women can do to help with their postpartum depression. That one simple task is to go and sit in a park! Researchers at The University of Wollongong have found that access to quality green space promotes mental health benefits in women over the first 15 years following the birth of a child.


The park can provide help to women in four categories; 1. Breathe in the fresh air. 2. sit in the shade where you don't have children or anything. It provides a way to get out of your head and enjoy the outdoors and the world around you. 3. Going to a park can help provide opportunities for mom to do physical activities. 4. Have a chance to socialize with people and possibly make new friends.

Researchers have proven that if you are continuously feeling depressed and need to get yourself out of a funk then it is important to add a day at the park into your weekly routine. Although a frequent visit to the park may be very beneficial, if you are legitimately suffering from post-partum depression the best thing you can do it speak with your doctor to discuss your options.

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