Super Simple Laundry Hack Makes Onesie Drying So Much Easier

This incredibly simple laundry life hack will make drying your baby’s onesie a breeze!

Baby’s hate clothing. That’s the only explanation for the number of bodily fluids they continually eject on their cotton coverings. And yet for all of their apparent vitriol against hiding bare baby bottoms, they also can’t seem to do without being covered in fuzzy-wuzzy-warmness without crying a bloody fit. Tiny humans are very hard to please, indeed. 

But what to clothe your tiny bundle of joy with so as to not incur the constant wrath of the laundry machine? Tiny t-shirts and little pants are certainly cute, but they multiply the number of articles on your infant way beyond what is strictly necessary. A tiny creature like a toddler needs but one piece of everyday loungewear, and that’s the noble onesie.

Onesies are great. They’re easy to get on and easy to get off, they cover everything that needs covering, and best of all, they’re usually super soft and adorable.

For all their many, many perks, there’s always been one downside to the onesie, and that’s drying. A single article of clothing is very convenient to both the parent’s sensibilities and pocketbook, but combining the pants and shirt into one means that draping a onesie on the drying rack leads to it becoming a sopping pile. Not only that, but onesies are often made of cotton, which means a trip to the dryer could send a onesie for a 3-month-old all the way back to newborn fit with some serious shrinkage. 

It can take hours for a onesie to dry the old-fashioned way, and it can be complicated to figure how to hang the garment in such a way that it won't be covered in unflattering creases and wrinkles by the time it dries. That’s why some clever parents came up with this ingenious lifehack to not only speed up drying but to eliminate the need for fiddly clothespins.


Omg why did no one tell me about this hack sooner!!!

Posted by Nubs & Bumps on Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Shared on the Nubs and Bumps Facebook page is this incredible idea to use the onesie itself as its own hanging tool.

Rather than use clothespins to pin your baby’s onesie to the drying rack, just turn it upside-down and use the onesie’s own buttons to hang it from the line. Voila! Perfectly hung onesies ready for drying.

Some naysaying parents would argue that it may take longer to button up a onesie on a drying rack than it would be to simply use clothespins, and they would be right. But nothing gets the onesie spread out for easy drying like using its own butt-flap to hang itself.

You’re welcome, parents. You’re welcome.


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