Singer Kehlani Makes A Big Bump Of A Pregnancy Announcement

Last week singer Kehlani made a big announcement in the form of a bulging baby bump. The 23-year-old artist officially announced to fans that she was indeed expecting her first child. While she made her overwhelming joy and excitement for the bundle of joy crystal clear in her reveal, she never made mention of who the baby's father was, and it got people talking.

Well, this week she has taken all of the guesswork out for us and confirmed that her partner and guitarist, Javie Young-White, is indeed the father of her unborn child, which is rumored to be a little girl. Kehlani is now four months along and is absolutely glowing over this new chapter in her life. The singer is reportedly constantly in the studio churning out tunes as this is the most artistically inspired the songstress has ever been. Good for her! The only thing I was ever motivated to do in pregnancy lie on the couch and sleep.

This pregnancy may have taken fans by surprise, but it certainly didn't shock Kehlani nor her partner as they have planned this pregnancy down to a tee. The artist, who up to this point has primarily found herself on constant tour, saw a break in her hectic schedule and capitalized on it. Her devotion to making herself a mommy paid off and resulted in her little bun in the oven.

As for her partner, we don't know much about the pair's relationship other than that she labels him as "a loving and devoted partner," obviously two great qualities one might want for their baby's daddy. What we do know is that the singer saw her and Young-White as a perfectly matched duo as they are both romantically interested in males and females. The two understand and respect each other and their gender fluidity, so at least they are on the same page there.

Kelani is set to join a slew of powerhouse female artists like Remy Ma and Cardi B who illustrate that mommies in the music game can have it all and having a baby only make you stronger, not a fading presence in entertainment.

Congrats Kehlani. We look forward to your music and your beautiful baby.


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