Singer-Songwriter Rachel Platten Is Expecting A Baby Girl

Congrats are in order for 37-year-old singer-songwriter Rachel Platten and her husband, Kevin Lazan. The two are expecting their first child together, a girl, in the upcoming months. Platten and Lazan married back in 2010, but babies weren't exactly on the agenda as Rachel was taking the music scene by storm. Years later, it is baby time, and the couple could not be more thrilled at this new and exciting chapter in life.

The pair announced their pregnancy news back in July via Instagram, but mama Rachel was apprehensive about sharing too much regarding her initial experiences with motherhood. Because of the constant fatigue, nausea and other unpleasant symptoms that struck the singer down in her first trimester, she was hesitant to disclose too much to the public. Ever humble Platten didn't want to risk sounding ungrateful for her joyous miracle. Platten is anything but ungrateful though.

She performed her new song, "You belong" on Good Morning America on October 18th. The song was never really intended for fans' ears as the "Fight Song" singer wrote it solely for her unborn baby, but eventually, she felt that the tune needed to be shared with the world. Viewers of GMA not only got to enjoy Platten's powerhouse musical chops, but they received an additional surprise when the show's producer came out on stage post-performance with two little onesies, one pink and one blue. Platten chose the pink one and announced that she was indeed expecting a little girl!

Rachel has channeled her inner "Fight Song" mantra during this final trimester of pregnancy. The singer spent the initial months of gestation practically living on the couch, but fast forward to now, and she is traveling and performing on television, which she describes as light years away from where she was. Rachel stated that being preggers and becoming a mother would never stop her from doing what she loves so much, and boy are her fans grateful for her spirit and bravery. She considers these final pre-baby performances to be a bit of "outward expansion" in the midst of her pregnancy nesting.

We couldn't be more thrilled for the songstress as she embarks on this absolute dream come true. No doubt this is a lucky baby who will grow up with a super cool mommy.


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