Singing Doctor Honoured After Delivering More Than 8,000 Babies

A Pittsburgh doctor is celebrated and honoured with his very own day upon retirement after lifting the hearts of many new mothers by singing to soothe newborn babies.

Lindsay Grimes considers herself, along with her infant daughter, Luella, to be very lucky. Grimes was the last expectant mother patient of Pittsburgh's local legend, Dr. Carey Andrew-Jaja.

"He has the most beautiful voice and of course, he includes their name and ends the song with 'Welcome to our beautiful world, Luella,' which brought me to tears, because it is such a beautiful world," Grimes told Good Morning America"It's such a special thing to have your child celebrated because, obviously, it's the biggest day in your life to you."

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via UPMC Magee-Women's Hospital/Sara Fest and Good Morning America

Dr. Andrew-Jaja has been welcoming the newborn babies he delivers to this world with a personalized and heartfelt song for 40 years. In that time, he has treated a whopping 8,000 babies to a private concert, singing everything from Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" to the classic "Happy Birthday." Parents refer to their children as "Jaja babies" if the child was delivered by Pittsburgh's resident "singing doctor."

To the dismay of many expectant mothers, the time has come for Dr. Andrew-Jaja to trade in his stethoscope... for a microphone. The fact that the doctor plans to dedicate a hefty chunk of his retirement to singing and making music comes as no surprise to his patients and co-workers at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Magee-Women's Hospital, all who will miss him dearly.

via UPMC Magee-Women's Hospital/Rick and Bridget Joreitz/Anne Sutton and Good Morning America


It seemed only right that Pittsburgh honor the doctor who touched so many lives by declaring May 16th "Jaja Day."

"Childbirth is very stressful for the patient and their family," Andrew-Jaja said of the honor. "Therefore, we as caregivers must strive to provide excellent care in an excellent setting with a smile on our face and a song in our heart. There's a joy when people perform this way to honor the baby, the parents. And I'm happy that the city recognized that."

While Dr. Andrew-Jaja will no doubt miss greeting newborns to the world with a loving song, he is excited about this new chapter of this life which he plans to fill with his grandchildren, travelling and of course, music.

Thank you, Dr. Andrew-Jaja, for making this world a little more wonderful!

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