Single Dad Andy Cohen Says He Definitely Wants More Kids

Andy Cohen shares that he wants to have more children.

Andy Cohen welcomed his first child via surrogacy about 5 months ago. His son, Benjamin, arrived on February 4, 2019. Cohen has embraced fatherhood amazingly and he has loved every second of it. He has loved being a father, even though he said that it is hard and that it has "changed him." Cohen goes on to say that fatherhood is amazing, fun, but very tiring. He emphasized the tiring part. He is a single father, so we could imagine that he is very overwhelmed by doing this whole parenting thing by himself.

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Even through all of the hardships, he is so grateful for his sweet little Benjamin. He opens up about his parenting journey and he says that he definitely wants more children. He knows that he wants to have more kids and he doesn't want Benjamin to be an only child. Cohen said that he has changed everything about his life since he had Benjamin including changing his car, but he believes that it is so worth it and is excited to have more kids in the future.

Andy says that he has had to work really hard to make a consistent schedule through the entire day. He says that he goes to work for a few hours, then goes home and gives Benjamin a nap, then he goes back to work for a few hours, then goes back home and spends more time with him before bed and then goes back to work. Cohen said that he is really back and forth throughout the day. It is very important for him to spend as much time as he can with his son as possible. He is the only parent and so it's important that his son knows how much he loves him.

Cohen shares that it has been so much fun to watch his son grow. Every single day is a new milestone and it has brought him a lot of joy to enjoy those moments with him. Benjamin learns a new trick every day like grabbing things, eating new food, and learning new things about life around him. Benjamin has started to look at books and flip pages and it has been such a joy to watch him. Cohen said that his son's favorite thing to do right now is he grabs Cohen's nose every time that they snuggle.

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